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And now without further Ado author of controversy here is in Halperin. Nice to be here John. How are you doing? Very good knock would still standing. We're living in different times but got to adapt and hopefully we'll all get through. This is so weird. I went from Craig Unger who was talking about the KGB and now I have an who looks like a KGB agent. Well, I've actually been there and I've met a lot of people he was talking about unfortunately because I was doing a TV show in Moscow a few years ago. And to be honest with you what's going on in Moscow right now. I mean where the hell is the human rights organizations, you know, you have the opposition leader. You have everybody, you know, you have them in jail. You have one kid. Where is everybody wears all the opposition? You know, where's the human rights Advocates around the world people are dying left Center and right and wage. Regions bank account is going through the ceiling. Yep, and and any attempts to kill navalny and now he's in jail probably for the rest of his life and and nothing is being done. Nothing. Everybody's turning a blind eye Vladimir Putin is getting more Bush than Hugh Hefner and this guy's rotting in jail. And what is everybody anybody who protests in front of the Kremlin or you know in Red Square they're being arrested detained. They're disappearing and I have a question for you Stuttering John. Do you think Putin is the most powerful person in the world right now? I don't have an answer for that. But why don't you tell me obviously he may Trump look like a peanut he had him in, you know in his pocket and the bottom line is off line Amir Putin. I mean, he makes El Chapo look like a nun. This guy's a hardcore criminal man. Yeah killing people and shame on the world for letting him get away with it. I you know, I agree and so you have a new book out. Yeah. What do you have it on you so you can hold it up. I actually doomed it was sold out. So I gave my final copy. Could you not yesterday to a homeless guy gave the guy twenty bucks and I said, hey, why don't you read this and he gladly took it and you know, where is it available is available on Amazon off. It's called controversy Sex Lies by the world's most powerful Elites and dirty money. And yeah, it was a best seller on Amazon when it came out. And it's all about it's volume one, which is all about Jeffrey Epstein procuring young girls for the likes of prince Andrew Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and a host of others. Now are you from Canada? Yes, I can tell by the about lived in the states for many years and I've produced many documentary whenever I do the voice-over. They have a voice coach with me and I say what the fuk what I need a voice coach for you got it right away. So I guess I do. Well actually somebody else in the chatrooms home from Canada. So somebody else noticed before me and I should have noticed it cuz I because my moderator is from Canada and and you know, so oh really? Yeah, so he has the same accident a party. Let's jump right into this. It was I was totally just like what So you had a bunch of lunches with Jeffrey Epstein? Yeah back in two thousand and one I wrote a book called bad and beautiful. I specialize in undercover investigations as you can tell and you know, I I've gone undercover in my movies and my books I posed as Michael Jackson's hair dresser off the Church of Scientology trying to kill me before anybody took them on I went under covers and alleged gay actor and they tried to deprogram me and my lunch and homosexuality and back in two thousand one. I want undercover is a male model to infiltrate the Seedy side of the modeling industry and one of my key sources for a mutual friends who begrudgingly agreed to give me an interview was not other than Jeffrey Epstein because he was a key player in the modeling industry was all he knew all the powerful agents like John Casablanca, so the leads wage Gerald Marie all the sleaze buckets and Epstein knew everything. So begrudgingly. He agreed to meet me and what was supposed to be a half hour job interview turned into about a 6-7 our luncheon and been Ash in New York and you know, you know been a she used to be across from the Carnegie Deli and he gave me all the dirt's and talked about a lot of things everything. You know, the first thing he told me was which set off alarm bells ringing said, you know again, I'm living in the wrong era. I wish I would have lived a hundred years ago back then you could date anybody you could they twelve years old there were no laws. Oh God, that's it off alarm Bells John all healthy now and I just felt there and listen, he was no no good. He was obviously eloquence smarts, but obviously a con man and I I didn't really see through it sure. He said outrageous things. I took it with a grain of salt. I didn't really think he was serious because back then I had no idea. He turned out to be the world's most notorious sex trafficker and sociopath and I had really no idea that Jeffrey Epstein it turned out to be who he he turned out to be but we went into everything we discussed this his upbringing we discussed, you know, he was grew up in Coney Island. And you know middle-class family, but he said clearly he was a music Prodigy a.

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