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And one of the focuses. We really wanted to have on this. Podcast was the breakdown. The all twenty two but unfortunately no. I haven't got it yet. I got some sent to me. Didn't get a dive into as much as i wanted to. Nfl game pass still. Isn't working jake. Devan holland played absolutely out of this world. He was the highest graded rookie fry. Eighty two point five grade. The second is on team. We saw that force fumbling had on johnny smith. But for me. Jake you know yes. He's at upgrade. At least i thought over bobby mccain and coverage you know maybe not the the verbal communication or by thought. He had that better silent silent better in pass coverage but what he brings to. The run defense is just a mess. We saw johnny smith hit. We seem dropping down the box. And he's just doesn't seem like the games too big. He's not scared. Get skinny and make those hits which you know. I hate to bring up minkah fitzpatrick but that was something that a lot of fans didn't quite like or you know he was a little upset about so for me. Jake i excited to see which yvonne hall does it says you know. He was not targeted once on sixteen coverage snaps. I just want to see more. I wanna see more of him out there. I wanna see more the young brandon jones. I want to see what they can do. You know we're talking about the run game and stop and josh on wall. Can he do in that aspect nine again. The coverage i think he's already improving so tavon had a big week. I'm excited to see where he's going to move on from that. Josh emma bonino thinks it's like really crazy and i don't think it's necessarily incidence like we played a rookie safety against the new england patriots. His first game ever and he was not targeted. Once i mean. I feel like if you're trying to find something that just sounds completely off about this game. That's it and that's where i kinda go back to the patriots. Dur they were going to do precept. I mean most of the completions to nick needham. Xavien howard byron jones. I think the patriots were six of eight boeing apples guys but it was for like thirty five yards so i think it just really goes back to that game plan and it just i just have a hard time believing that giovane holland isn't a guy that the patriots would wanna try at least literally once and that didn't seem to be the case and again maybe that's just because they were trying to handcuff mack jones and didn't want to go out there and make some of those mistakes. I mean. i'm sitting in prison. John holum we talked about how he wasn't targeted but the buffalo bills brian to bowl net buffalo bills offense. They're going to try to attack the secondary because for as good as an existing howard is byron jones. Like you said a little bit of that. Those big plays came on some of those deeper passes against an error-prone some of those other guys so huge tests this week again. I think it's going to be complete night and day from what we saw last week but giovanni game one wasn't targeted like you said it's crazy from bill belichick coach team. And you see why. I mean i think the biggest aspect of beach thousand twenty one draft. The miami dolphins is. They took the first defensive end and they took the first safety. They had their letter. And those are the guys they chose so to see how it performed as well. I mean is a great You know encouraging sign this early in the season. Just one more thing. I want to talk about here in the defensive backfield That popped out to me. Was the fact that justin coleman play just to snaps after. It seemed like he was the guy who won the starting job. I don't wanna take anything against nikkan. take anything away from victim because i thought he was also but do you have a feeling that maybe this was game plan to where the patriots who use a lot of those two tight end sets hunter henry and johnny smith they might think need to simply works better as a slot when you have to cover those guys were just in. Coleman is going to be better suited you actually based on actual slot corner those a little bit guys to a little bit more wiggle to. That's a good question. Jake namino again. I wish i had the all twenty two sooner dive into that. But i mean how much of this is just a testament to how little you know. We should put into a brian floors. Depth chart just in coleman's up there. I'm thinking need nicknames. Listed nickel spot. But i mean again we saw what type of asset he wasn't a preseason. We saw it this past week. And so i don't really know jake. I think we all kind of thought. Justin coleman was going to have the inside track. They're probably going to see a lot more on this week with buffalo spreading the dolphins out trying to do those things but That's definitely something that sticks out especially when everyone wants to sit here and say jalen phillips sterling depth chart. This is a big deal. You look justin coleman. I mean that's per prime example. You're one hundred right now josh. We're going to do it. I don't know if you wanna do it can can we talk punter just a little bit. Can we talk about the butter. Yeah let's do it. I mean i don't want to. we can it just. Seems like specialties are just so used to that being such a sound unit for the dolphins and if there's any type of noise happening it's usually a good thing for the dolphins and i'm not gonna say Party played poorly and it certainly seemed like he kicked with a purpose. I mean that thing kind of was a rocket right off his foot. it didn't really get the height. You're looking for it just can't seem to be like lying. Drives your hip for contact. Hit four points with an average of forty five yards per which ranks twenty one at twenty three possible punters in net yards after week one. That's great. I wonder if the dolphins one position battle even a little more. Maybe we can get a little greedy. And say maybe the past score single touchdown or maybe one of those feels off the board. Maybe the dolphin start with better field position as a result of just kind of the movement from one end of the field to the other he had no pun so the twenty and just one touchback so just using it in that stood out in terms of party. It seemed like he does have that rocket. Line drive but Key these numbers. Were kinda bad or am. I kind overreacted. Here you're probably overreacting but it's nice to at least have someone shed light on it because what we continue to hear was upgraded the position. You know michael. Florida was lego tron. Almost you know. He has a tendency to to be one of the better punters in football. And i'd like you said. I don't know that we saw ranks. Twenty one out of twenty three so yes i think they have much better in a position battle and you know i joke but matt hawk you know. He plays for the bills this week. Is this a revenge game. He had a pump block last week against the steelers. You love to see that but I the dolphins are gonna know right away if they made a mistake because matt hawk you know he brought a little bit of a different element and what we saw from michael At least the quarterback position a little bit of a surprise. That i didn't talk about on. It's kind of an injustice. We didn't talk about and that's the fact. That in austin jackson was activated off the codeless of board the game last week but it was all liam i can burn. He didn't decent job considering. Its first gabe josh. Is that the way it's going to be as Berg are starting left. Tackle now or is awesome jackson being back as gonna separate back in and maintain that starting role again. I don't wanna put too much in depth chart but also jackson was listed there at left tackle. I know a lot of dolphin fan. Who really don't want to do this..

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