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Has spoken and they're not charging Louisville police officers in the death of Briana Taylor. More on that coming up, Let's get traffic and weather Well, it looks like they're in the process of getting this construction picked up on the Northwest side. Itin westbound. It can't pull us road right now that does have traffic backed up nearly from loop 16 04 on 16 0 for eastbound between 2 81 and I 35 traffic flowing. Just find an eight minute travel time. If you happen to see any traffic problems call to 10785 26 of one. Michael Scott News Radio 1200 W Away I sunny skies today and tomorrow highs in the mid to upper eighties Today, 90 tomorrow and then Saturday mixture clouds and sun highs in the low nineties. It is 62 degrees. San Antonio's first news, Mr T. Along with charity McCurdy gave Oh, blind a millennium falcon. Charlie Parker has the day off. We will be back tomorrow. Start six o'clock hours who always do back in the day, September 24th. There was 231 years ago in 17 89. The first Supreme Court was established with six justices who were nominated by George Washington. It wasn't until 18 69 that Congress finally said, the number of justices to the nine that we still have today. 86 years ago. 1930 for Babe Ruth played his last game with the New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox beat him five Nothing 70 years ago, 1950 Jim Hardy of the Chicago Cardinals through eight receptions in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. That's the most interceptions in a single game ever. Following week, though he did throw six touchdown passes 60 years ago, 1960, the U. S s enterprise was launched. It was the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the eighth naval vessel to bear the name. The first was a schooner captured from the British.

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