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Welcome back to jim bohannon show we're talking with george carlin's daughter kelly carlin who is pretty funny lady in her own right to what all do you have underway as we go back some of the phone calls i know you've had a satellite radio program what else yeah i still have my satellite radio program my book has been out since twenty fifteen my memoir carlin home companion i no longer tour the solo show of the same name but these days i've been doing some other interesting work i have my master's in psychology that i got in two thousand and four and i've been a life coach in the past and so i've i've kind of kind of gone back around and picked up all the pieces of myself and so if people go to my website kelly carlin dot com or to my patriarch on site patriotic dot com forward slash kelly carlin you can see that i'm doing all sorts of things like teaching mindfulness meditation and working with women and and creativity doing my podcast which is separate from my satellite radio show and just you know enjoying some time to be away from being on stage right now and planning on writing another book but just you know enjoying being i guess the philosopher teacher that my dad was too we would ask you a better spare time but obviously kelly doesn't have a lot of that eight six six five zero jimbo we go to jim in akron ohio good evening jim good evening jim thanks for taking my call and kelly i just enjoyed your dad's routines and his so much when i was growing up i'm i'm i'm in my sixties and the bureau specials for great because he got a chance to run the stage and you know he he did a lot of his body to he has he worked up the audience with just the movements said he made and all the different ways that he presented his his routine it's just a it's just an honor really to to to talk to you 'cause i you know there's just certain people in your life that you remember that that stick with you and i think that he's he's going to be one of them that i remember forever so yeah and and jim you know my mom and i were both born in dayton so ohio has a very precious place in my heart and the other thing too is you're close by to jamestown new york where on august i the national comedy center is opening and jamestown which is the hometown of lucille ball it's a an enormous museum and national comedy center and i donated my dad's archives there about two years ago and there is a permanent exhibit of my fathers material and his archives at the museum there and it's gonna it's a fabulous museum i mean this place is amazing state of the art fifty million dollar project it's absolutely interactive all sorts of amazing things but you're in the area so maybe later this summer you in the family should get in the car and come on jamestown we affect down call standing by but before we get to that one good jim in akron deserves another gym in akron hello different jim good evening jim bo thank you for taking call and have enjoyed the program for years kelly i i always wanted to thank you father for for my marriage i met my wife seventy five i was sixteen and like any sixteen year old boy i was scared to talk to a fourteen year old girl so i memorized all of occupational occupation full fm am and clash cloud and told her george carlin jokes and still until she finally paid attention to me oh my god that's a great story to this day and it's been forty three years since i can't thank your father figure thanking you would be second best so i will i vote for him absolutely absolutely repair you may repair to your lair and use nair yeah we all did more to come stay with us with kelly carlin our guest again you gotta get this george carlin commemorative collection fourteen of his hbo spec will all.

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