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The crazy shit out at the side of his mouth. And then Stephen ace. It's their five minutes. Pondering it just starts screaming back at him. That's money now, it's like, oh my God. We have seven debate shows back to back to back to back to back to back one doing like it's just it's so tough. And especially, like we mentioned at the beginning of the show like if you want your highlights, you just go to Twitter Instagram, whenever Instagram don't have to worry about watching our sportscenter like early two thousands, thousands you had. You could go to websites, but you had to like watch sports center in order to figure it out. It was must ATV and it was like the heyday of not the heyday, but it was like quality ESPN like Stuart Scott is one of the all time greats at what he did. They had so many like Southend pelts, obviously still great. Neil Everett those guys all awesome. But they like for so many kids growing up released. All I felt when I was young is like your dream was to be on sportscenter. Whether it was like be the guy anchor hosting sportscenter or be like the athlete in sports center that was your dream. Now, I don't know the kids feel that way. I certainly wouldn't. Yeah. I, I don't know. I don't know what, what they need to do to turn it around. Obviously, get away from the debate stuff and get some real analysis again. Right of sports. But. I mean, they're, they're smart people in maybe the debate stuff is still is still drawn from so. Is going to be a saving grace. I think because plus a big thing for them. I love it. I was so skeptical I, I, I had a trial during the conference tournaments college basketball, and I, I as you tell him a junkie need need college basketball. So I'd watched like Hampton and Mississippi valley state play. And like just eat it up because they showed it on ESPN plus, like, that's the stuff and I was so into it, and, you know, I like I like soccer, but I don't keep up with it as much. But at the end of the year in England, they have the playoffs and I was watching the playoffs like on the side computer during work in perfect. Because ESPN plus does it all? So you're like an ESPN. Plus, I do I, I think it's such a good product such a good idea extreme as the future. Obviously one hundred percent. They're all over it like they're doing it so well right now. And they charge such low price. Like if you look you look at Netflix. What twelve dollars now. Who? Right. Was that PM plus five four ninety nine who's, like seven dollars net?.

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