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We all leave on term, but. We're gonna kill her, but I also think he the last season, sort of made him look, a lot worser than I would have liked. So. Yeah. I don't think he would have gotten to that conclusion on his own, you know, there's this week part of thought Osho change. But in reality, we get that, that was headed down about even worse path in what she'd already done that we're gonna face it. The final episode was about Tyrian. It was about Tyrian talking John into that. And it was about Tyrian sort of talking about the power of story and leading to the election of brand. Right. We'll get to that just in the second but is John being tar, Gary and the only reason that you can think of that drogue on the dragon didn't burn John to a crisp and only the throne, it self the melt, and we'll start with beetle. Yeah. I think that is the only reason can I just be a jerk per second. Or we'll see that the effects in that scene were not up to par for me on the game of thrones level. And I know that sounds super nerdy. But when he's like bending. Over trying to avoid the heat of the flame, there was a moment where I was like, oh, this is a great. But then again, there was a water bottle. So it is what it did. But that was it. I think he and the dragon the dragon recognize that he'd part of the Sam, you know, it's like, when you know a dog knows when you're a dog person alone. Beetle is one hundred percent right. Jon snow was standing literally one foot from a giant wall of flames and he got he didn't even have a sunburn. I mean come on, man. I I don't understand why the dragon didn't take him out. He just killed his mom. You guys are just killed the mothers Reagan in picking this show too or not. We, we said we like to all the stuff that has happened over the year. Questions. I just said, sir, the one place where you've got a problem with the effects the whole year. We're supposed to talk about what happened in the episode. So we're talking about it now going on John Mason. You can start this one. Okay. All right. So John kills Danny, right? Yup. The thousands of unsullied and death Raqi that a magically appear to. And after the battle of Winfield didn't kill him. Didn't even go after him. Why, why was he just put into into shackles for months, by the way, it, I don't know how long it was. But we don't know how long but he went from no hair to very, very long hair in the small beer to a very, very large beard. Right. Well, I mean, I think in the end everybody was kind of paralyzed by the fact that they really had no leader. They had no king. There was no thrown the doth rocky. Yeah. Why didn't they go after they their bloodthirsty, and they want to kill they killed their leader? Yeah, but I don't think there were orders to kill John snowboarders with adult. He was he was being held captive, I think you have to be nine and all that. You bet I think you have to kind of kind of accept the premise that the Starks were all going to survive early in the series, you know, Ned stark got his head chopped off and, and Robb stark got killed at the red wedding. This was, hey aria signs and John are all gonna live by Hooker by crook..

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