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You one hour nonstop yusef wading with john smith white after radio from hill laws i think you have a sprained ankle old atas i if the milk chocolate milk chocolate milk you have pain anywhere else you don't need to go to the hospital you just need rice rest ice compression alipaseno emma metallic ankle hospital tell her to say since in your woman police thanked why don't you just take him to off that i'll stay here with sharp are okay head at just going say the exact same thing i too i don't think so he all you need is rice rest ice compression elevation hope the koc through that give it to me straight him i am i ever gonna walk again your ankles going to be fine but you do appear to be a child trapped in a man's body so you get that checked out through cuba's look on from ice chips you can eat whatever you want it's just a sprained ankle mucin frost us jobs can and rag after the mixture that they're really process theory jackson bill already genome are very radio from hell xi six all right to richie take note lease market in north salt lake and redwood has aggie ice cream eating and you can get creamery ice cream at the nabu cafe and lyon house pantry race square her street riches on it it's just you know that's a small mile circle they're both ice cream now so there you go uh let's see how we can all business taking care of murray's i know gave away everything the year regarded as it is i have uh i have public service all while you know but when it when it's the holidays a lot of times couples get in fights around the hall there stressful times nowadays that gambling and at the beginning of the holiday leslie christmas starts in starts in october is beginning ever zan it is that's the beginning now away in utah it certainly as halloween arguments following are on moments of conflict in disagreement during.

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