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Movies men in this in this race and in the end almost perfect scenario for this is perhaps controversial but i think part of i think the honest bingoed is kind of built up of the same composition. The same kind of disposition as taddei for gotcha and he's very calm. Very level headed very much an aggressive writer who stays in the wheel of who he needs to stay in the wheel of and so they're probably more comfortable leaving him to do that. Than maybe someone like la chew has sort of a more strategic slash team oriented way of controlling things. It's just kind of interesting to see. Maybe perhaps it's like a generational thing. I think it's more the he doesn't probably feel that he's earned his stripes. I i watched his body language. Finished we'll hear from him. In a moment i. I watched greece near men. Come in and give him an embrace him and say you know great job. And i am the way they i don't think bingo himself has any issue. I i think he is pinching himself. The position that he's in he doesn't feel entitled to deny to clip the wings of var or set koos and like. I say we can look back now on a phenomenally successful day for visceral but they gambled i mean they gone. Donald hugely is is okay. It's fine to have have to writers up the road but set. Seppuku says a guy who could have been a great ally for fingal in the in the yellow jersey. if he's ten minutes up the road and bingo has a puncture earnings. A bite change. That's no good the ten minutes up the road. What would have been the point to have set goose wassenaar and soon cross bike in jersey group helping you. Venus more conventional tactics oppose it is aggressive one for third place in paris. I mean this is not now we think of his mar- are really. I don't think you will vis main goal These days is stage. Wentz is of course is not juicy positions so they went for the stage win. Which is what every team wants. And if on top of it Vinegar finish finish this on the in paris then fair enough well. Let's hear from being got the finish..

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