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Of the Denver Nuggets. 19 2020 season Our home, our team, our fans. Utah Basketball Carson on the inbound Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell has a back out on top to calmly Charlie throws behind him. Catch Go, Clarkson throws back behind him calmly Now the corner Niang three pointers that cuts the Nugget lead back down to one nickel. 21. 16 J just got sucked too far and with ball Yo, coach as it over the porter throws back on the elbow Yoke head fake on gold bear. They threatened double TV dribbles off his foot gets the loose ball back at the shape back behind him, Reporter Porter hasn't shot clock winding down. And Jochen three. Got it right back up or nicely done back by 8. 2040 16 Donna Mitchell hasn't the point guarded by Gary Harris goes to left hand. Wrap around past of the three point line. Niang another three and that one's no good rebound flatfooted down Michael Porter Jr. Mike has it across the timeline guarded, Thereby Niang might crossover move had fake on the jumper throws at the corner gets it right back from Craig and play up her end, And this is Denver's big lead of the night. They're up by 26 to 16 with 90 seconds left in the first aboutthe past by Craig Here's Conley. Catch. Go goes through the lane often. Niang again. Good clothes out there by Tory Craig throws out of it to Donald Mitchell called Touch Foul on Gary Harris, Your boy. Carry the one thing about him. He'll stay on your hip, physical nature about him. I think 5000 in the Alaskan listening. You're like one of my best friends. If you start combing David Guthrie, my boy. We're gonna have some issues out of a Mitchell for three missed everything hit the rubber on the bottom of the backboard nicely executed. Yokich as it grows back behind him to trade for three about by yoga scrap by Niang. You got away with a nice push high left side over the Mitchell back over to the Yang Yang split the defenders Alley oop dunk through hands by go bear. Less than a minute ago. Now in the first quarter, here comes Jamal Murray. Marie has it against Mike Conley. High left side bounce fast right to the same spot over the story. Craig back Murray Murray. They threaten a double team on him now, so here against he backs down, takes a fade away. Jump shot good, great rebound by yoga, and he put it up. Mr. Bag Rebound saved by Mitchell right roll, and then he throws it away. Just lazy pass by Porter in the corner. Niang three. And that one that one hurt. Yeah, that right there. Those air those momentous breakers right there. That's Michael. Just kind of get a little little pants is a little lazy with the past. 15 seconds up for Denver. The gold for one shot here at mid court circles. Jamal Murray Nuggets would love by the way Buck if they lead it by five. Murray has a stutter step in a drive with three point line gets another pick from joker and a foul on kind of a bonehead plays it on common. Conley gets to call his first foul bear reached in a little bit later, but now you got 3.12 see if you get a quick play. So that's the first the final to Denver basketball Messiah devotees and, oh, by the way bucket here quarter looks it. Gets it into Jamal Murray, guarded by Congress takes a tough three missed it on the horn and we got one quarter in the books.

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