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You have to stay away from that stuff. Another tax comes in. So avoid sugary sodas or sweet tea, and that's something else. Sweet tea, it seems as though that was only at one or two country themed restaurants now everybody gives you a choice of sweet, tea or regular tea. One or two of those a day is bad. Is it all about moderation? Or would it be better to just avoid completely? I recommend staying away from sweet tea completely for a couple of reasons. One. You don't know how much sugar is in there or how much high fructose corn syrup because McDonalds is gonna make sweet tea different from, you know, barbecue place or whatever. So I would say the concentration varies, but it's it's very very sweet. It's extremely high in calories. It's it's what we call an energy dense nutrient poor beverage. I know it tastes good. It's delicious. But we really have to just avoid it completely. I got my opinion. I got one from a fast food place one time, and I couldn't drink it. It was like syrup. That's how is. And it's hard to imagine that somebody could sit there and just drink a twenty ounce serving of that stuff and not have to wash it down with some water. Sixty seconds left. Henry we've been talking about what to avoid besides water anything else that that would maybe be a good thing to drink. Well, we always recommend especially for children milk is is very nutritious. And doesn't have a whole lot of shows. They still has some in it. But it's natural sugar that that's really about water and milk. Yeah. Yeah. Acres Mark every now and then Henry well couldn't hurt. Can't it can't hurt. Exactly in moderation moderation. Of course. I appreciate your time. Right. It's my pleasure. You have a good day. Henry NAS assistant research professor and nutritional scientists at the LSU health New Orleans school of medicine. We'll talk about this. We come back. Do you think this is the government's? Roll it all in this. Or is this just what people want to do? And let them do it. Somebody texted in and said, they should hey this is dangerous as cigarettes, and they should have a warning on everything that has sugar in it like they do cigarettes.

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