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Area loopy soda. Welcome to the cardsvip podcast. Oh so excited to be here alone. Everybody in carts chat good to see you again. They has everything going for you. Things are going good. You know poker starting to really pick up band. People are starting to conversations again really ready to start opening up series and things like that and we all know that wokers booming in some areas of the country. So i'm just excited to start start getting back to business a woman after my own heart and i'm sure a lot of a lot of us at the cards in the forums would agree with that you've just associated with so many organizations will tackle them one by one and not just associated. You founded them. You literally started. We'll just to give everyone idea. I kind of feel also before we get into all the prepared questions for everything you've done and you've done so much for our game for women in poker you've flown under the radar in a way and i feel like it so important to give you the very well deserved well earned exposure of everything you know if the kind of thing when i discovered what it is that you do. Oh my you did that you did that. Don't so much so first of all. Thank you for everything you've done and everyone who's listening. Who's watching you're in for a real treat over the next hour so we're going to start with. How did you first get into the game. In what led you to become such a strong advocate for women in focus specifically well. I apologize the dog. i am in my office. So the very very beginnings for me was being and this is something that i want everybody to understand that girl that is sitting behind the boy whose sit at the table. I was that girl. I used to go with my boyfriend at the time and i would watch him play poker and it was kind of our date night and we would sit there for several hours playing at the time it was midnight mid-nineties and it was stood. There wasn't really a whole lot of texas. Hold him being played. So i learned the game by really watching him play and watching the other players so i became kind of interested I didn't realize just how much strategy was involved which really excited me. And it got to the point after about four or five months of sitting there watching him. That i started critiquing his play while he didn't really like that too much but key invited me to go get my own seat. Entertained gone so that was the beginning of my journey in this was in southern california and san diego area and literally there were maybe three four women in that entire poke around other than employees But the good news is is that i was very social as by nature and so the employees all know who i was. I got to meet a lot of the members learned about staff. I ask a lot of questions. Just because i'm nosy by nature to and So i learned a lot about the game on the back end in what they were doing. What their jobs were. And all that kind of stuff so It just interested me and then of course poker. Game itself is massive..

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