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The living room with Sonny hill set the tone for the last of the how the days of the summer Labor Day and that so many of you will be able to enjoy the Monday off are those of you who are extremely fortunate you may have been able to do Thursday Friday seventy Sunday Monday and back going to stick if you really fortunate take Tuesday off and get back on Wednesday how does that fit with some of you where you can work your schedule your holiday or your vacation days or whatever the really give you a nice long holiday in terms of the last of the holidays Labor Day how about some of you do even know what labour day means other than the fact that the it's a day off in September and not understanding how Labor Day came about put that out there so we kind of phone call I'll get in reference to that telephone number is eight eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four to get involved with conversation because we're going to put a number of things out there to find out where the B. is in terms of you responding the eagles have made the cut down and released players and as I'm speaking I'm faking because of the way that the eagles deck is stacked there should be a number of players released by the eagles that will be covered it by other teams in the National Football League why do you say that Sonny well the pundits have put the pressure on the Philadelphia Eagles I would venture to say off the top of my head that the way that the pundits have predicted the spoken about the Philadelphia Eagles that this team based on where they are right now may be one of the best eagle teams in a way that the configuration it offense defense quarterback Carson Wentz upper echelon many people speaking about it in terms of if he can stay healthy M. V. P. office of line extraordinary defense of one there are no soft spots with this evil team that has been put together that puts a lot of pressure on the eagles to deliver and I would venture to say Kim they deliver so what we want to do is put some things out there this morning.

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