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And now Christina. I'm so excited. Everyone came up to hear me talk. So my name's Christina I have two main interests cookies and cats and I do both for a living. I've two bakeries called macaroni parlor then there's meow Parlor New York's first cat cafe on UNAI throw the cat equivalent of this jubilee every year call Jackson galaxies cat camp. I'm a lucky person. I have a wonderful family. I have amazing easing friends. I have great employees and I've helped over five hundred cats find homes. However things weren't always this way? The loneliest period of my life was about ten years ago. I'm not sure what I was looking for when I moved to New York but I knew I was afraid to to stay in the suburbs and afraid that I would just settle as a teenager. I didn't know what settling was. I didn't know if it meant fulfilling the dreams of my immigrant parents by becoming a lawyer or if it was choosing a path because it seemed easy I don't know what are y but I had felt uneasy for very long time. So I just kept busy busy. I graduated college in three and a half years then went back to school to get an associate's and then back to school to learn how to sew instead of pursuing higher education as just signing up for school for the sake of filling my time I took internships and eventually jobs my dream companies only to look around one day Eh and wonder why didn't fit in. I'm an introvert who felt so uncomfortable in a city of eight million people that I was thinking into into myself. It was my mom who encouraged me to sign up for my first speaking class at that point. She knew I would never be a doctor or a lawyer and she a new unhappiness look like she told me that. When I was in preschool we had a weekly Bacon class and it was my favorite thing in the world? She knew I was lonely than to partly because I didn't speak a lot partly because I didn't understand what people were saying and partly because they constantly felt like other but food has no language barriers and it was my favorite part of the school week so as an adult I start to take baking classes over time late nights of anxiously waiting in for the night to end and the next workday to begin turned into our spend on the floor with my feet propped up against the oven watching breads rise cookies caramelized caramelized and magic happen. Finally something felt right. I'd spent so long chasing shadow. They never stop to look at what was in front of me that in a city with thousands of restaurants fast casual joints and cafes though the thing that made me happiest could be a career I went all in I use recession as an excuse to shrug and say the desk job wasn't going anywhere anyway. Within a year I was in pastry school met my now husband who's over there and we started macaroni parlor but anyone who has opened a business knows the first few years are still lonely. You don't have time to socialize because you're understaffed. You're afraid to step out because replaced my burn down in fifteen minutes. You're gone and you go to sleep so late that you wake up tired but that kind of loneliness didn't hurt I had a purpose and it was tangible and things felt right during this period. I didn't have many friends ends but I had the Internet I used to write about my life about owning a business and the things I was learning. I didn't write for an audience. I wrote because for the first time in a long time I'd a lot to say and so I wrote into the abyss of the Internet much to my surprise it spoke back. If you love a New York has a cat cafe it only exists because my business partner sent me a letter five years ago and I was so touched that I hired her her to work in my kitchen so one who works for me now read my blog when she was in pastry school last month someone from Australia message me to say that she thought me recently because you starting her own business. I haven't written for many years now because I'm not lonely but there are still people out there looking. It made me realize that we're all looking looking for some connection. It's what makes us alive Dory understood this years ago before we had twitter and instagram that will food is a necessity city. It's so much more than that. It's about people it's about connecting with others about memories and experiences her cookbooks were the first I had ever read included stories about a recipe thirteen cookbooks in Dory's invited people all over the world in some of the greatest kitchens and more recently into her own own kitchen. I I found through her world peace cookies name because they are good enough to bring world peace then there was Tuesdays with Dory where people connected connected with each other from their own homes by blogging recipes entire communities sprung out of doors writing and everyone who participated how their own story to tell she helped people create memories. Today we have so many more tools at our grass to allow us to stay in touch to meet new people to double tap or Swipe right right we can invite people to peek into our kitchens with photos taken on a phone or quite literally like joy invite people to cook besides us in our actual kitchen joys joys one of those people who figured out a way to combine storytelling food and the desire to connect both on and offscreen using these new tools she gets it. I wouldn't be surprised if that's helping out someone who is lonely today. Food has stories to tell people to feed look forward to listening to these women talk about their careers. Here's the human element of food and how social media has impacted the landscape from their first cookbook. Dori was one of the first people I met in the food industry three men T in a mentorship program and for years. She sent me words of encouragement. Every few months got an email from her about something she saw that she wanted to share or deceive. I was practicing self care or just to send some love. Doria was one of my first friends as an adult and she claimed she had nothing thing to teach me. She may not know this. The much of what I've learned from her has shaped entirety of my career so without off my chest. I'm so happy for everyone here to listen to the Magic to come because I know it's going to be so beautiful. The I'm going to start off my conversation with Dory today by telling her a story so I was saying in two thousand and six I was working as a baker in two bakeries. I wasn't joy the baker so it was funny that I was Baker into bakeries because I was an enthusiastic home Baker and I had finagled my way into to baking jobs because I realized that if you like to bake and you will get to work at three thirty in the morning you're hired you know so I would get to work at two thirty in the morning and start baking because a lot of times I would mess things up and have to throw them away so then at three thirty ready when real bakers came in I'd be like hey guys just starting fresh just here ready that happened a lot career and so much chocolate Mousse okay. I'll get to it training you in the speaker like coming prepared with extra black bags to throw yes yes and after I get off of work I would go home on the way home. There was a bookstore and in the bookstore was your baking from my home to yours book and I couldn't afford to buy it but I would sit in the aisle and copy down your few recipes word word for word it's no problem and then I would take the notebook to the bakery at two thirty in the morning and try some of your recipes and what was that wasn't the one that didn't work was it that you know they always and what was so wonderful to me about that book. Is that your your technique was so helpful but it was written from the perspective and from the heart of a home Baker and so I take it to this new job in in a place where I was making friends with my fear and I got so much comfort and skill from it and I bought the book I eventually could afford it. I had to save up but but the mother in me is thinking. If only I had known this I would've since you the book story they don't do that. People need to buy books so yeah so I wanted to tell you that story and then ask you you think you ask you how your kitchen journey started and what were the books that maybe you held close to your chest as you were embarking on your journey from Home Baker to professional personal home Baker to Home Baker. No I am a home home big can I just I worked with Julie. This has not answering your question but I will call okay so I had the amazing the amazing good fortune to work with Julia Child in the nineties. I wrote baking with Julia which was the book that accompanied her TV series and we shoot every day and one day Julius said I want to play Hooky. We play with me and so I had I still have a little MIATA which is like a car the size of Jelly Bean holdaway. You have Miata a red one a red one yet yeah and it's it's a convertible but Julia you couldn't you couldn't take the top down because your hair right and Julia had sized is twelve or thirteen feet and so I kind of had to plead her to get her into the carpet. This isn't this isn't the story. I want to tell you so. Julia said let's play Hooky. I Origami her into the car. Her idea of Hooky is going to the supermarket and so we're we're shopping around. She's helping people choose a good melon and at some point she turned to me and she put her arm around me. She's six tall and she said you know we make such a good team and I was really touched and she said we make a good team because his were just a couple of home bakers and even after all the Julia had done and all the Chia taught all of us. She really thought of herself as a home Baker and I have never stopped thinking of myself that I burnt my parents kitchen down when I was twelve I wasn't. I'm GonNa do this very quickly. I wasn't allowed to bay. I got married when I was nineteen. I'm still married to Michael Greenspan and I learned to cook and Bake because I I learned to cook because I had to and I learned to bake because I really wanted to and I my book the book that is tattered and has spots. I thought they were chocolate. I have no idea what they are. All over. The place is me to heater she. He was my does it. Does anybody know maybe heater so she was my hero zero. Everything I made from her books worked. Her directions. Were so precise. When I started writing about food I had made it in my my minehead she was she taught me to Bait? What is your favorite thing of hers to Bake? Do you have a favorite. She had a lemon cake in her the first book that I made for I made it every year for our son's teachers for their Christmas gift. I made it for potlucks. I made it for everything everything and when her the paperback version came out that recipe wasn't there and one book later she wrote and she said here's my revised version..

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