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And when I heard that you were collaborate with Marshall Goldsmith on this book. It was not only very eager to read it. But to have you on my show to talk about it as well. And while your book is written primarily for women. I have to say that it's still founded a very revealing read because I think it helps me understand where women are coming from which I'm not afraid to admit. I don't get sometimes to be quite honest. I don't think most men do which is why we continue to see debates over equal pay and representation despite various studies and attic to Odal stories. So I'm really looking. Forward to this discussion, which I honestly believe will benefit not only women, but men as well in getting a better understanding these habits that you write about in your book, of course, when it comes to the topic of the various challenges schools women face in the workplace speed equal pay sexual harassment or having the same access to offer to these promotions and Lucia positions as men do the tendency is naturally on what institutional societal or cultural norms might be behind his issues. But in your book, you do note that while this is a problem. There is also another aspect that women should address especially because unlike the common challenges, we often talk about women having to deal with in the workplace, this is a measure that is within every person's ability to affect change because the power to make that change for solely within them. Namely, it has to do with behaviors we develop over time that have clearly serve as well. But as we move forward at our career ultimately end up holding us back in what you call in your book stuck nece. So before we discuss some of those twelve habits in your book as wondering Sally, if you could set the stage in terms of women being stuck and why it's important to make this behavioral shift, certainly tambi. Aaron I all I want to start by saying I love what you said earlier about the book being how women rise up being useful for man because of certainly finding that since I been on the road almost constantly either doing promotional in spraying or or now speaking engagements off all along and what I'm finding is that this book has as much value for man in terms of being effective mentors..

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