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Traffic and weather on the threes. I'll talk radio 6 80 doubled. You see, Vienna Weather Channel says cloudy day today and cold. The high is going to be 35 were already 30. In Annapolis, 28 in Aberdeen, and you're in the morning, Dr Casey Elliot, and should Children be back in school and I try to Look at this and analyze it. The Bruce If I Children were still of school age there now grown men on But now I would say that. Yeah, I I would be perfectly fine. In sending my boys back to school. As long as you know that certain protocols were put in place on were met for safety reasons. I mean, you couldn't just pick up things as they left off before the pandemic it you do have to make certain adjustments and certain investments have to made in schools. But I could tell you this that I do have AH, teachers in the family. And I've talked to teachers all the time, and this virtual learning stuff isn't cutting it. It's the Children are don't pay attention. They're not engaged. Half the time they of the teachers there spend reminding Children of their work in front of them on then there's also apparently they're the minders. There are people of folks at Whatever county system you work for that are kind of hopping in on your virtual learning session. And if you veer from the lesson plan, the one little bit You're reminded or you are than the cold on the carpet. Not in front of the kids. But you know, privately, you're told is stick to the plan. Stick to the agenda. And so this is sort of like big government now. Big brother watching teachers while they're doing this of virtual learning. We need him back in in classrooms where the Children and the teachers feel comfortable where they'll be more engaged, and I think, well, they're perform better. We're seeing studies right now where the Children are failing at higher rates in these virtual classrooms, and we're now we're already behind the rest of the world. We're falling woefully behind now by not going back to school. Well, my daughter peaches on a private school and I gotta be straight forward. They've been given package call for quite sometimes right, Azaz. Most the private schools here are they determined? This is the way to do this safely and Why the public schools are not back on teaching in person is to be a bit spotty. The science just isn't there to justify it if individual teachers have concerns about either For themselves or for someone in their immediate family, being at higher risk that I understand that completely and they should take the appropriate steps. Or simply recused themselves until they have had the vaccine or they feel more comfortable with it, And they should be in line to get the vaccine a Samarra fact if they're not already in line But to keep kids out of school Because now the Biden administration says, every school in the country has been retrofitted with advanced air cycling systems and plexiglass between the chairs and all this nonsense. Well, it is just that it's nonsense. Yeah, and they will be about going back to school for two years. Because we're look, we have schools here with no heating, no air conditioning. Come on, we're gonna save. Now. He's gotta put in a special air handling system first, before we get the kids to be able to go to class without wearing their coach and winner right, And what's that going to do? Everybody's property taxes and somebody's getting something got to pay for it. And it certainly isn't gonna know it's free. Shawn. Yeah, it's free. Everything's free. But it's free is Bernie's mittens. That zone we're talking about. But the pediatrics is study that I read this morning. Listen, this here's their bottom line conclusion. No cases of in school child to adult spread were reported. None. None zero, and they looked at some 3000 Children in schools in North Carolina on elsewhere, not a single case of spread from child to adult. I had, you know, don't know Don't on those cases, And here's what they're basically saying, you need to do to mitigate the spread daily screening of students and staff. Does the CDC know? Compliance of mask wearing for students and adults, Public reporting of covert 19 cases efficient contact, tracing collaboration with health departments, regular updates for students and staff school principal encouragement. We're here to the measures. The report breaches in protocol, detailed scheduling of all parts of the day definitive plans for special needs and using a hybrid model than person and remote learning now, the governor has said. You're gonna have to do it by March 1st and he has threatened consequences. On what? Pray tell with those consequences Be What do you withhold funding education funding that we these? There's a record amount of lawsuit coming on That one. Yeah, so again, this is and you hit it on the head, Bruce. Private schools have gone back to school there. Okay. Public schools haven't What's the difference? Well, people will say well more of their more kids in public, so okay, But the real difference really, is that The unions. There is the the unions for teachers in public schools are very powerful, and they hold the Democrats advice works a hostage T o most of their demands. Julia is the promise there too many kids in each classroom. Then you could address that and still have in class teaching. You could have fewer kids in each classroom. Mate. Third class sessions shorter me They're all kinds of ways you can address this issue. It's not a matter of guys there. Too many people in class we have to cancel all classes in every school in the entire state. There are other solutions available. Yeah, and like we just heard from Scott in Westminster, says the Christian schools and the Carroll County have been opened for in person learning since last August. Anybody studying Are there any reported cases of spread there? If everyone rules for the schools that are open in Maryland, Christian schools, private schools, some Jewish schools are there any cases of spread S so again, Jim in Glen Burnie. Great Linus is Shauna was have to disagree with your assessment of the best actors today. The best actors today are Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Congress. Thank you very much, although one of our listeners Ike says Don't worry about Clint Eastwood. Yeah, he is a great one. No doubt. Yeah, all right, Coming up. 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