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And last night during the game, what, will this, Bension's be, for the, brawl between. Yell tweak and Nick Hundley be after the other night brawl but nothing yet, nothing yet Coming it should be today. I. Suppose but probably I'm hoping there? Is, no suspension for, Nick, Hundley, no, I mean all. He did was. Say something and. If baseball players CAD jawed each other or sports figures. Can't jaw each other on the field then something's going, to change dramatically wow what about Humphries free speech rights well he has. The yeah To the roadways we. Go and Sylvester to Santa Rosa eastbound twelve, is looking. Mighty fines morning as his twelve westbound from. Kenwood basically we've got, the slow. Going through pedal Luma this morning not so bad by north. Being, Lisa pedal, mobile lavar north but as you get to leak highway you're gonna see a lot of brake lights and that continues through to costano, road next report is going to. Be. At six fifty five now Daniel? Choosy, us with your, forecast Temperature's, a bit warmer headed toward the weekend today at seventy nine degrees sixty four on the. Coast mostly clear, tonight low, forty nine mid eighties for tomorrow is still partly cloudy Saturday and. Sunday both sunny skies in. The mid to high eighties Monday still sunny but low eighties expected then awfully dark out, there for this time. Of the day very serious cloud cover this morning gern Ville fifty five degrees same. For Kenwood this morning Fifty-seven in Santa, Rosa in the news the son of actor. John Claude van Damme may, soon be be behind bars in Arizona. NNcholas von Verron Berg pleaded guilty Wednesday to holding his roommate at knife. Point, in their apartment in two thousand seventeen prosecutors say police, followed a trail of blood to a department where people were. Complaining of loud banging and yelling body, Cam footage shows van Verron Berg threatening to. Kill his roommate with a kitchen knife. If he opened the door for cops he also made. Reference, to his famous father he is Due back in court in October it's six forty. Seven at k. SRO coming up. Next the late night mash. Up.

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