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And see how much they can get for the services rendered. You know whether it's selling comic books or given a head, cut or going to a gym and you know that's not a bad model. It's been the model and the template for a long time, but I felt like there was something a bit more interesting something deeper out there, and as I started to dig in what I found was that there were businesses that were using giving. Or being generous as a way to actually give them a competitive advantage and so. Yeah this whole concept of For me is regeneration is because I'm somebody who is. Providing a giving angle specifically around ecology around environment around our biosphere, but really I mean any kind of business could be using this model. Of. Essentially generosity to give themselves a competitive advantage. It doesn't have to be environmental doesn't have to be tree planting, and then you could be helping any any different kind of. Charity. Aw, any any kind of. Social Cause to to basically use the same kind of template and be more competitive in this case, be a more competitive rider or comic book, artist or brand. Okay. We shall looking at a lot of businesses for starting she ally. Businesses are starting to actually do things like offering scholarships. Paying Ford in huge ways yeah, that's a great way of putting it actually paying it forward is lake. It's just it's a really powerful way to get a an an advantage in the marketplace. That's far more genuine than just like where he trying to make a profit. This time in marketing, call KPI and It's like the most important thing that any businesses measuring. That we're going to measure well for most businesses it's like. The performance indicator that keeping the closest I on is how much money they're making. I just feel like there's some really interesting brands and businesses, and just even like a smaller entrepreneurs that are doing really interesting things around KPI's at. Don't actually have anything to do with money. one really great example, and and for me this was. kind of an Aha moment was when I discovered a company called. Toms shoes free. Listen as if they're not familiar with Tom's They're a shoe company. That has this slogan. Buy One give one, so you buy a pair of shoes from Tom's shoe company and they'll give away a pair of shoes. To me like. I I heard about that probably about eight years ago I was standing in a playground, and somebody told me like I had my daughter was probably two three years old at the time, native pair of shoes for her, and and one of the parents was like. Toms shoes they make a great shoe and they have this thing. You buy a pair and they'll give away I was like Nah. That's. That's that sounds really cool. And so, that rewired my brain this I was like hold on a second like if I buy a pair of Tom's shoes from my kid, a parachute is gonNA. Get given away to a kid who needs a pair of shoes. I'm like Oh! I really liked that. I love that idea and and the fact that. I heard about Tom Shoes. From apparent in a playground really says a lot about how powerful that. That model and that message is. Because think about it for a second. Like when Tom Shoes, showed up maybe ten years ago. I don't know when they started, but there. Let's call them up a fairly recent shoe company. When they decided to launch their brand, there would have been tens of thousands of shoe companies already on the planet like planet. Earth did not need another shoe company when Tom Shoes launched a company. There was definitely enough shoes enough shoe companies in the world, so these guys come along. They're like hey. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA compete here. We're going to try to sell shoes. Like what are we gonNA do well. They come up with this really interesting concept. Buy One give one, and it's through the giving. It's through the generosity that they've managed to create a really successful shoe company and effectively steal market share away from other shoe companies that just have a traditional business model of we make great shoes. If you need some coming by some of our shoes, whatever shoe company? Company on the planet is basically telling the marketplace whether it's Nike who does it really well, and in a very glamorous glitzy way to some of the smaller companies in the world who don't have the marketing budget that is essentially the message shoe. Put out into the world. We make great shoes. If you like him, you should come by some Tom's comes along and says we make great shoes. If you buy, a pair will give a pair away like that's remarkable. That's worth paying attention to, and that is like one of the key reasons to this success I think. That's success leaves clues. And when we look at a competitive landscape, and we try to find a way to give ourselves an advantage. That it's a really good idea to see who's doing what and to try to take a feather from the CAP I. Don't WanNa. BE A billionaire. I don't WanNa. Start a shoe company, but I. DO think that part of their game plan is really advantageous to me as a small business person and I think part of that game plan would actually be really valuable. To people in the comic book spaces well. Yeah I mean you're already seeing publishers by publishing I. Don't mean like these are looking at the individuals that Ernie. Who Making your point to make sure that their butcher will free especially you know giving him to libraries.

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