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Evan burchfield oh our you. I think we're very similar today. He w It's just another day. Being falcons fan bernie much unfortunately yes and in today's podcast. We are recapping falcons unfortunate loss to the new orleans saints. Twenty one to sixteen this game was in. Atlanta falcons had the opportunity to go against tastes hill yet again and boy. Did they squander it. I mean that's that may be an understatement actually this was a painful game. I would say for the first. Three and a half quarters i would. Argue the falcons defense played well for most of the game. They obviously gave up three touchdowns. But i think their overall play with solid. This was about the offense and it was about dirk cutter and it was about You know matt ryan ryan was off throughout the game until really until the fourth quarter In this is also about One of the worst. Ceres of play calls i've ever seen in my life In a game winning drive potential game winning. Drive for the falcons. And we're going to talk about all that but before we do. Let's talk about the injuries. Coming in. The falcons did come in with some relatively good health. Todd gurley was back. Julio was back the only player started that was out with james carpenter who got injured in last game. So tell us a little bit about the players that made it for the falcons in the guys who are inactive as well as the saints. Yes.

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