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Not ticking. Me and more. We're on the same wavelength. They don't win this year more for sure it's fresher because this division is so bad. It's it's not so much what the cowboys have or don't have business vision. They by foreign away. Have the best quarterback by f- aren't away. The best offense defensively is another story. What when you look at this cowboys team. If they can't women's division the pressure ratchets up really fast and really high he will he be fired. I'll be shot but you don't win this division. I mean you go from in. My opinion is zero eight or nine immediately now he he can lose this season. He might not make it through the following season. Twenty two season because they'll be so pissed like had this this week division and we can't win it but i don't foresee that happened opera. See then went into vision rather easily. The cowboys should win ten eleven games. It's really i not at their plant. Seventeen ten to six ten a seven or eleven at six. I can see them going. Well i think they. I think bait at the way and i think they will win I'm with you guys. I think they're the best team in the division. Also remember in the offseason jerry. Jones say i would do anything known to man. Don't win a championship fire myself day. He knows except fire himself. So you don't listen to that i will be. I hope that was the other join year out was that i always look for another twenty years. But he's even all. I mean the time that's is taking on winning a championship for jerry jones in dollars. So he'd better eat better. Get it together here pretty soon. We all know the best indicator future behaviors past behavior. So i'll i'll care what jerry says all seasons what you do every single year and if you look at the cowboys for the last eleven seasons they've won only three division titles may well two of the teams in their own. Division have won the super bowl and the giants and eagles 2017. Thousand seventeen so jerry. Say all you want but he keeps those cultures around this struggling trying to figure out how to win the division so now he goes start. The clock prematurely. Mike mccarthy doesn't make sense but stink. You make some sense because mike mccarthy last three years as a head coach not winning seasons but they mike. Mccarthy is a good coach. He's a super bowl. Winning coach only those guys actively or coaching in the nfl and in fourteen years he's had a top ten passing office. Twelve of those fourteen years with dak prescott and the weapons. He has an nfl being passing league positive for them. I see all this happening for the cowboys. Just six days away from the cowboys in super bowl. Champion belts hit it off. The nfl season cowboys. Rookie attack okay. I'm gonna say his name. Also who are. If i didn't say right my bad but you're decided to give tom brady. Some bulletin board material witness not very mobile. You know been playing for twenty one years. Dude is a little older not to mobile. So that's probably what it is so mart love or hate for the cowboys given.

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