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So excited because for the first time ever we have on the show a whole host of today explain which is boxes little daily daily podcast jam and listen to what you're doing wrong things in life. It's so great it's all great. I'm going to say ninety percent because of you do you And the You I'm referring to here is Sean Rotherham. Thanks for having me back your stitcher you did a great spam Baram Verma Schon. Rama's Vera is great to be here. We did it keep all of that. Meanwhile meanwhile I've heard your name said by you like one hundred times wants to show. Sometimes I just call myself Sean. One time I was working casual with yourself herself anyway. What's your real first name? And I said Sean. And she said no no no. But what's your real first name and I said ask me again and you're going to start to hurt By feelings way. So you're back. My brother's name is Nimesh shows this version of is there. Sean in Indian no no. My parents were just Into the name my my dad's do MOMS Catholic. My Dad wanted Hindu names. My mom unwanted Christian names Fella. He won the first time and she won the second time. That's the long version. Okay now we know and now we're in fact ready. We needed that little explanation a little breathing room before I could get to the next person on the panel. I also have a new test old Old Testament name you've She and her New Testament and Old Testament name have been on the late late. Show with Stephen Colbert. So funny. Social Hilarious set she is also the Co host of the podcast. Ray A Were you raised by wolves the judgmental title of the PODCAST and Love Wolves. I'm the wolf on the PODCAST. It they actually read into this show. I love her so much you guys. It's Leah Bama. Thank you so much for having me and I would actually love the info on the dance classes. They take them in Queens. I've such a good time We'll we'll talk. Please please deeply embarrassing. I tell you one more embarrassing thing about it. I sometimes feel like this. I sincerely the music is too loud. So I bring earplugs to dance class. Thank you and I dance with earplugs and go fuck yourselves world. I don't care it's more comfortable that way. Not all not all the do it because the what I do has a DJ and the city. You're subways you should keep your plugs. Should be honest like I do feel. I don't like I'M A. I'm I'm on noise. anti-noise pollution advocate. I don't WanNa dump on the city and it subways because I live in DC. We're like our subways. Run from like four PM to six PM but there was a moment with this morning on my way here. Where the at the Metropolitan G. L. Screech so loudly hurt me and I went? I I close my ears and I looked around and no one else else was doing it. I was like Oh. You're all doom that frequency in our. Yeah always have your earphones in here. no I don't do that. I don't believe in that. Well that's in an empty there. Yeah it's just like a nice little cushion those nine people don't talk to you title like those ones that's small to your ears. That are nice and comfortable dancing daily. I'll get USA branded fake the nation. You're please weirdest most anti medical branded swag anyways Here's how not here for Julia. So you can tune out what's happening on the nation and not here okay. Are we ready for number one. So you guys. Trump was doing some impeachment counter programming this week by presenting a totally dead on arrival Middle East peace plan. And it's the it ends all the problems that's done in a he did it. He says quote a prior administrations from President Lyndon in Johnson of tried and bitterly failed. But I was not elected to do small things or shy away from big problems I mean he's right in. That impeachment is a big problem that he can't showing from. Hey the most fun thing about the rollout was that. He didn't even pretend that he actually was creating a plan for both parties. Because the only person that was there during the announcement was bb Netanyahu also under. Maybe the win win thing getting determined. He's in the process. I mean they're going to have another election time. I can't tell awesome so he has like all the other coming up because they wanted this outright before that right we should have more elections a yeah we should disband congress everytime every time feels like we're always having election true. Let's just do more often. I agree with that. Will guys let me tell you some of the main points that were in this Middle East peace. He's plan and I want you to tell me I think so. I of Israel keeps the vast majority of Jerusalem as its sovereign capital Palestinians. Get no right of return. Turn it. Redraws borders mainly between Israel and the West Bank in a dozen allow for Palestine to create a fighting force to defend itself. Alf those are just some of the top line points. What do you say and we should stress? It redraws borders in Israel's favor right all right so the the the plan is largely I in Israel's favor and in the the it basically creates a situation where Palestine is like discontinue tig you and discontinuance archipelagic wait aren't archipelago alcoholic. I already knew what that was pronunciation was bucking need. You guys thank you for letting us feel good God. Yeah they're like it's split and then they're going to have to make a huge tunnel or makes a really doesn't doesn't make any sense but also I don't know if you guys figured this out. They weren't consulted so they weren't consulted but they were also like the US obviously obviously partial to the United States the partial to Israel. So like we don't we don't want to like take on a peace deal being brokered by them in the first place. They're not an impartial. L. Broker also isn't it take like three years that they get to think about it. In which case all the elections have already passed and the fifty billion dollars that trump is promising. The Palestinians Alestinian. They live in these right. He's like you'll make all this money but we don't have to think about it now. I just wanted to ready to know that this is finished. Don't worry about it. It's not happening totally done. I don't think it really worked either even as a counter program. Because everyone's just talking about John Bolton and I don't really know who was like. Oh wait stop everything. The president's the jared Kushner solved the Middle East. We figure it out. It looks like he didn't food..

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