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Window world of Boston dot com. Now that his window world of Boston dot com look now at the WBZ four day AccuWeather forecast should take one. Look outside the morning. You know what's coming. We've got a tropical storm, not great visibility, and it's just really not going to get any better when the wind and rain start picking up. Later this morning. It's going to pack quite a punch Cape and the islands different parts of the South Coast and Rhode Island coastline could have anywhere from 40 mile per hour to 60 MPH gusty winds out there could cause some damage is, of course, power outages were going to be on top of it for you throughout the day. Only think about Elsa that we can look up to is. It's going to be out of here awfully quick. By this evening. It's out of here. Sunshine, more humid conditions tomorrow into the upper seventies. A chance of a shower thunderstorm and probably the best day of this weekend is going to be Sunday around 80 with sunshine and clouds will be staying mostly dry, seeing some pockets of thunderstorms right now in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Where at 64 degrees in 61 an end over in Boston 65 with showers. In Boston at 706 on WBZ NewsRadio. Well, some of the more severe weather that New England could see from else is going to be focused on Cape Cod and the prep there well underway as we hear from WBC's Tim Don. The Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee will be conducting a coordinated response to the storm in any severe weather it brings along with it. The committee supports the 15 towns in the Cape. In case things get out of hand and says the public should take their own precautions as well. Like anything we recommend you secure your deck furniture. We expect some downed power lines..

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