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The eagles and the next we go to india and get shut out. I mean come on so yeah. There's something to proving sustainability yeah yeah but a great start to the season the cowboys eagles survive or they got pushed in a big way today by the redskins and of course the chai just look about what we thought the giants giants. We're gonna look like although sake one million always fantasy people who took sake one. He's going to have a big year. He's a great player. They'll have better days than they did today but <hes> good win for the cowboys. I wanna thank <hes>. DJ reimbursed <hes> from over one three point three FM ESPN did nice job for his <hes> on the ground here. I wanna thank jimmy sally nation offering their sweet. They do a beautiful job for us to give us this kind of great ed <hes> wonderful job by you anything any partying any last thought for you before we say good night people. I tried to end with the the brilliant instead of me and he'll usually there's a moment one last thing you're looking to say but you did it on a great statament all <hes> we're gonna get out on that. We're going to hope that. I have not been towed. Parking situation was a little bit iffy today. Also my credential situation <hes> yeah i just. I don't know how many more times we'll be doing this up here. I think is what we're saying. Who knows who knows district who had no problems getting good credential and i had potentially shoes as with credentialing yeah you work for every made the of the dallas fort worth marketplace. Why can you not get your credential. Why are you wearing a a lot of gigs. I can't even this station radio station nell bat moseley show but we all share. We got to credentials fiction in the in this. This is a black man if you can't tell the collegial on where i am not. I don't know what all shock anybody anybody. I am not a black man. I am native american and white so it's been an interesting evening but i made it around and made it in. Everything was okay and all i love. All the people seem to be happy to see me except for l. We'll get into that. You'd be one person. PR it's not excited to see me <hes> great the DJ great job it. It is the doom stain podcast. That's rap. We will see you next sunday after the cowboys play the washington redskins.

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