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So it's difficult to say the least to get around town there and Chicago cardinal blaze soup which made its fifth Christmas visit to Laurie children's hospital yesterday part of a decades long tradition for the head of the Chicago archdiocese to visit the hospital and share his Christmas message the cardinal says the weight children fight to live should remind us all of what's truly important and cardinal soup which will join us here on seven twenty WGN a little later on this morning WGN sports Dave analyst set up perfectly the black hawks coming off back to back road wins over what a pack in Colorado and then a flooded home is seven one lost to a last place team the New Jersey Devils should be embarrassed if work and make progress we we can he get yourself a chance to to make progress and I don't think we did that tonight it seems that we need to start over all the time and that's you know I mean the point in the games without trouble stringing shift together will we have trouble strong performances together coach Jeremy Caledon in our Xfinity X. five Blackhawks sports act Smith scored the first goal of the game to put the hawks they had one nothing before the devils scored the next seven goals the bulls started well in Orlando they jumped out to a nine nothing lead but by the end of the first quarter of the game was tied and the magic took over the fourth quarter outscoring the bills twenty to fourteen to win it one of the three ninety five despite twenty six for Zach Levine the Green Bay Packers clinch the NFC north they came from behind at Minnesota to win twenty three to ten Aaron Jones a hundred fifty four yards and two touchdowns on the ground well the Packers defense that Kirk cousins five times dropped him to in nine on Monday Night Football Green Bay still in contention for the top seed in the NFC and home field throughout the playoffs Minnesota ten and five locked in the second wild card spot in the NFC heading into the regular season finale against the bears at Minnesota on Sunday there was one college bowl game yesterday UCF over Marshall forty eight twenty five in the Gasparilla ball and tonight the Hawaii bowl as Hawaii against B. Y. U. Dave at it WGN sports your money on seven twenty WGN sponsored by T. mobile you can learn more at T. mobile dot com on this Christmas Eve a half day of trading on wallstreet markets will be closed at noon Chicago time today all day tomorrow for the Christmas holiday a state judge in New York is ruled and struck down a New York City rule that beginning next year would have limited how much time uber lift in other for hire vehicles could spend without passengers in the busy as parts of town the state Supreme Court judge while Frank and his decision yesterday called the city's rules arbitrary and capricious we have a dense fog advisory in effect until ten o'clock this morning thirty three degrees now at o'hare I'm gauge one on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN if you own your car for a while or maybe you've got a.

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