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Favorite hot. Yes, this is share the show. That's so you gotta tell about every episode. We explore the impact of people technology on our lives and careers. And we send you way something Cheryl now without further ado, let's get to. I'm Laura gassner outing, and I help people get unstuck. That was the sink. I was expecting like the full thing I have so many notes, I was expecting. Okay. Well, I can certainly you more. But, you know, are good, frankly, a bear taught me how to do the perfect intro, which is super provocative and people go wait. What would you do? How do you do that? Who do you get unstuck? And what I do is I say that my superpower is at I'm able to see the greatness in people that they may be have never been able to see themselves or maybe never been able to believe themselves, and actually own it and act on it in a way that they can create extraordinary results, I am so invested in having this conversation because that is it just gives me chills to talk to someone who has that as their thing. So, so many different places to go. Interestingly enough. Michael port also has a similar thing about his when you open yourself for speaking, gauge -ment where he's like the shorter. The bio, the better and I was kinda hang onto that and it's. Acting to Klay as a similar thing when I go to networking events. I usually when people say, like what do you do? I try to make up something that's ridiculous so that they have to ask a follow up question. Now just kidding. Not what I really don't do this, because that whole like who are you, what do you do at a networking event turns into like, you know, I I'm a banker and I do this in baba, so yeah..

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