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And Webster's word of the day, July twenty six. Today's word is inch meal spelled as one word I n. c. h. m. e. a. l. inch meal is an adverb that means little by little or gradually. Here's the word used in a sentence from the village voice by Serena, Donna Doni Judy fights against her own body to accomplish the smallest tasks, fighting battles, inch meal in a war. She'll never win. One of the curses the hated in hateful Caliban hurls in the direction of Prospero. In Shakespeare's, the tempest goes like this all the infections that the sun sucks up from bogs Fens flats on prosper fall and make him by inch meal, a disease. The origin of the word inch meal is simple. The inch half is the familiar measurement and the meal is the suffix. We know from the more common word piecemeal, which shares the gradually meaning of inch meal and has several other meanings as well. An old suffix that means by a specified portion or measure at a time meal is related to the modern German word mal meaning time as in the German word Monge mod, meaning sometimes with your word of the day, I'm Peter Sokolow s-k-y. Visit Mary Webster dot com. Today for definitions, wordplay and trending word, look ups.

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