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Justin party of course but none the less well we've got you know all the different around the backyard will kind of grow out right what kind of a thing for example about the yard to make it work but yeah we're trying to get back to life a little bit all right we gotta run but thanks you will we'll talk tomorrow night man everybody loves you but it's almost seven forty five seven hundred W. L. W. sports the western and southern open in New York instead of Mason this August it could happen according to a report in The New York Times the U. S. T. A. is considering moving the event so foreign players could stay in one city for both the western and southern and the U. S. open which begins on August thirty first no decision will be made until later this month if Major League Baseball wants to begin the season in early July a deal has to be worked out soon former player Doug Glanville says one big hurdle has been cleared in the negotiations between the owners and players the players have that part where they're getting pro rated salaries that's a huge victory structurally wise number of games to be determined but I don't think that's as material as a structure you can talk Reds baseball tonight on the hot stove league beginning at six oh five the special guest Reds president of baseball operations Dick Williams NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was told all teams at training camps must be held at the team's home facility this summer that is not a problem for the bangles who have trained at Paul Brown stadium since twenty twelve to ten teams still train at off site locations MLS owners gave players until noon today to work out a deal to resume the season or they would be locked out according to reports a deal has been struck it looks like the teams will report to Orlando June twenty fourth remain there for at least at least six weeks and the latest NBA proposal has a season restarting on July thirty first also in Orlando twenty two teams would be there to finish the regular season and the playoffs and under.

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