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Okay. So that's like, that's your kickoff for John Kass is you know you back the wrong pony there. It can happen to anyone. So I want to just go through this is like the John cast page of the Chicago Tribune website, and I'm just gonna like just go through a quick selection of his most recent columns star. Starting with the most recent one Democrats shame Kanye west to protect themselves. Makes sense. The next one. The headline is fleeing the anger of the leftist mob, finding comfort in bacon buns. So I, oh my God. John cast is one of those writers where his just his archive looks like things that we did to make fun of him. So I actually had to look on this one and this begins you may have noticed that I did it right my column for Thursday. A note in the paper on page two said, John Cass has the day off, but nobody really believes that nobody so speculated that I'd finally been silenced by an angry political mob of leftists more perhaps by the powers that be they drove out to shamburg. And yeah, some speculate that lift prevented my grandson from coming over and telling me how to log onto hotmail. No column. What happened? You're a mayoral candidate now, said a chief strategist of one Chicago mayoral candidate who'd been conferring drinking with a chief strategist of another candidate. We were thinking that as a candidate, you have to be careful about what you say. No careful is not my way I give not to figs for careful. He sounds a little Elizabethan turn of phrase, they're careful. I'm a lumbering idiot. Is he actually running for mayor? Never even heard that that sounds something like a bring back firefly message board. That's the most bullshit baby ass thing I've ever heard Reggie, it's he's doing the suburban dead thing where he thinks he's being like, like he's being slide, but he just sounds like a fucking prospector. Yeah, it's like he, he's, he's body was possessed by all Oscar Wilde while he was writing that sentence. You're right now for all the thugs said the fucking hip hoppers who want me to be gone. I care not a whip for your concern to you. I say, men ask that's going to ask. Readers worried that the fault was with the mob of angry, leftist sarosa Ellen worried, and then in parentheses, witting or unwitting servants of the Lord, George Soros. He went from. He's a nerd. It is that is an amazing character for fascist suburbanite to also be. Yeah. A firefly guy to be like an epic online hub is boop is guy. In a recent column, I dared suggest that cake is a lie. Can I have border wall. In a recent column, I dared suggests that since the hard left is busy trashing the ideas that bind our nation, like the presumption of innocence for the accused. I wonder who he's talking about there. What's that reference? He says they might as well burn the great books that contain these ideas. Immediately, the left went stark. Raving mad just don't let them give you the net stark treatments that are friends. First of all, if you went under ride along with Chicago PD and you made the references fucking beat you to death of the flash. I'd have to be blue less matter because you know what they were right. First of all, to give him the net star treatment, you would need the biggest sword ever made. That is one guy, Nick, I swear to God. Remember..

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