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But that's that's very nice. Seriously. They know that there's chatter leaving. They want to make sure that we don't that. We don't leave our actually Garin cockerels struck as look at big John D'amoto walk in taller than I remember. Sits down comfortably understands professionally. Don't walk in talking to a room ready sits down like a gentleman, even though it uses his voice for his living up right now. Choosing to stay silent. Go little Marcel Marceau. Yeah. I heard this. Oh, boy, look at the face work now John DiMaggio. And I worked together many many years ago at the Harris, the improv Harris at I'm looking forward to hearing many many years later the other side of that story. You did once tell the story your side of the story. I will tell it again. Yeah. And then, but I I may just want John's version, maybe I gotta go back into fill some holes. Because I think if I tell mine or maybe I tell mine he goes, oh, no, this is what it was right at any rate. I'm excited about it. Big John dis here, that's what I call them. I've not so I spoke into this guy since that day. But I had the pleasure. Here's the truth. The put her I was watching a documentary about voice over people and John was in it. And I did not know that that read Johnny had it was even still in the business and and by all accounts, he's not in comedy anymore. Because why would you when you're one of the biggest names at voice over? That's true. And that's why you heard us pipes. That's an example of the magic that that guy brings the every animated program. If you've got seven hours go to his IMDB pay. Credits because my son is still there scrolling through them, and he knows all of his work. Yeah. I mentioned my not my son knows enough about this. By the way, I said we got John DiMaggio coming in. And he goes bender. Yeah. My son eleven years old. He should know voice over actors names smart, kid, his smart kid. But I don't like that. He's this deep an animated bothers me. All right. Let's take a break. John demain ios here. We're thrilled that he's areas. Take it away from the round guy. Who is there are team? It was read Johnny in the round guy. I think the premise wasn't. Maybe I maybe I'm REM I remember this wrong. I drank a lot in the nineties Reggiani is at some point your hair, maybe a little better than it is today, and then the round guy because I believe that gentleman had a weight problem he had around face oh shit around being around. So he was he was around. But then I gained weight and it became red. Johnny is around guy and friends. And he's still in the business. What's his story? Now. He's out. He's long gone. We'll get into it. Oh, jeez. We're gonna we'll get into it. All right. We're we're gonna get into it. All right. We're to take a break way. Back who one more thing. I forgot. Forgot what is it response for the VIP levels has been wonderful. And so we the for whatever reason we're not ordering until Monday the eleventh. Yeah. So you have until eight AM that's eleven eleven AM eastern right on Monday to the the eleventh to make the decision if you want to be in the players club. If you're not running the players club. Or if you want to upgrade to the VIP levels, which gets you at the ninety nine dollars level gets you the playing cards the custom never not funny deck of cards with our faces on them and at one forty nine you get those cards plus twenty custom poker chips, five of each of us.

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