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You're listening. On. What the heck might have on enemy finding dot com now. Here's your host Mike. To a brand new edition of what the heck on an fighting dot com, my name is Mike. Appreciate checking out the program this week especially since. There's no UFC card this weekend. A rare weekend off for the biggest fight promotion on planet Earth that is Independence Day holiday weekend here in the United States, and you know not that we can really go out and do much with everything going on, but. Between those five cards at the apex, the started may thirtieth, and then wrapped up this past weekend with dust, emporia versus Dan Hooker. Timing is perfect for a weekend off to sort of let it breathe the that we can get ready for. Fight Island which kicks off July Eleventh. You've C two fifty one, but a week and a half away. Three title fights on that card headlined by Kamara. Versus Gilbert Burns for the welterweight title Alexander Bulkin Oscar versus Max Holloway for the featherweight title and then Poto Yawn Versa Josie Aldo for the vacant bantamweight title Main Card is Great Undercard is great. The other three cards life fifteen for Calvin cater for Danny Gay. That's great card. We Got Joseph. Ben Evita's and Davidson Fif-, Gedo battling it out rematch for the vacant flyweight title on July Eighteenth and then July twenty fifth this headline by Robert Whitaker versus Darren till so..

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