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The FBI Department of Justice and Republican leadership for not supporting his unproven claims of widespread voter fraud. It comes as uncertainty mounts over whether Trump will sign this stimulus bill agreed on in Congress or force a government shutdown and end financial protections for millions of Americans reeling from the pandemic. Ed remember ABC NEWS Washington President elect Joe Biden is calling on Trump to sign the bill. Biden says millions of families don't know if they'll be able to make ends meet. Because Trump refuses to sign the bill that had overwhelming bipartisan support. He warns that the abdication of responsibility has devastating consequences. Trump has complained that the bill had too many measures in an unrelated to the pandemic. It was sent to the president in Florida, where he's been golfing at Mar a Lago, but it remains unclear whether he'll sign it. Failure to sign the bill by Monday would lead to a government shutdown. Catering Hall in Brooklyn. That's nearly 60 years old is devastated by a fire. On Christmas night, This Sheepshead Bay resident describes the scene that unfolded outside Bassett Caterers on Avenue X and East 14th Street fire trucks on this side of the street on that street. They were at it for quite a while. We heard them working for several hours. 138 firefighters battled the blaze for nearly four hours. Two of them had minor injuries and were treated in nearby hospitals. Owners of the business said they'll be back in a few months. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The cove in 19 death toll in New York State on Christmas Day matches The number of lives lost the day before. Governor Cuomo announcing 122 people died from the virus on each of those days. The number of people hospitalized in the state Friday was 6884, down slightly from Thursday's number. Nearly 2400 of those hospitalizations were here in the city, where only 29% of hospital beds are available. Governor says New Yorkers need to remain vigilant, adding that the state is in a foot race to distribute the vaccine hit and run Saturday morning on the Major Deegan Expressway leaves one man critically injured and two others hurt. It happened just before seven in the Bronx near Exit Five. Police are looking for the driver of a car that slammed into another vehicle with three people inside the 27 year old male driver of the car that was struck and a 37 year old female passenger suffering minor injury. He's but a man in his thirties who was sitting in the back seat, suffering a head injury and was not expected to survive. Police did not immediately release any information about the hit and run vehicle. David Folk Thomas W. O R News Sports and your Weather Channel forecast Next w o R news time. 11 03. What are you doing to keep your nose clean? After all, the nose is your body's air filter the first line of defense against airborne diseases. I'm Martin Hoke and I invented Nevada. Zhao, the powered Suction knows cleaner. Nevada's cleans your nose by flushing out allergens, mucus, dust and germs, including dangerous infectious germs. So with all the horrible stuff in the air now is the.

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