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Well i understand that. But the borrow from greg cosell sixty four offensive tackles have to line up each and every week and start in the nfl. And charles leno's done that like ninety three times in a row so you know just because the guy isn't jason peters doesn't mean that he can't line up and play every week so i'm a little worried about that. However you see allen robinson there you've got a good running game with david. Montgomery they signed gaming williams. You have tweet. Cohen coming back from injury. I liked darnell mooney. I like coal combat. They they do have a little bit of their little thin. Those skill position players but allen robinson is a really nice player for justin feels to have their as a rookie. And i would take guests that just because of his talent level. Justin fields is going to play sooner rather than later. And because i think he's going to play sooner rather than later. I have him ranked higher than trae lance on my twenty twenty one bore. I have him at quarterback. Twenty two right now Again if a matt nagy a ryan pace andy dalton you know we took a look at them in training camp. And we're gonna make the move Justin fields outplayed them. He's going to start week one then. He's up into the teens. But right now. He's my quarterback twenty two. He has the highest immediate upside in this draft class with the exception of trevor lawrence. Very interesting joe. It's also interesting to me. There are people out there that are losing their hair and they're not doing anything about it. And i don't really understand when there's a company like keeps out there that offers a simple stress free way to keep your hair look hand up. I am keeps customer and have been for a while. You're watching on youtube. My hand is raised. There are only two. Fda approved medication that can prevent hair loss keeps offers. Both i take both my number. One recommendation is first of all. If you're already taking the pill and you're doing the topical solution do it through keeps its way better to do it through keeps number one number two..

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