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Bothered by how much of the advertising budget F. PNL uses every time one of these storms blows through here and then all of a sudden there on every damn channel telling you how much they care about your power like does that bother anybody else because I can't believe the over flow of money that F. PNL has anytime there's a storm around here all of a sudden I'm meeting every guy who's ever fix the light bulb in this city is on my television telling me how much he cares about me strike while the iron is hot. it feels like of a marketing ploy we have now who's happier put this on the pole as well who's happier when this stuff happens the electric companies or the weather the weather people terrorists and and by the way eight I'm telling you that what happened in the Bahamas right now and it's awful as you're watching all of this video that is catastrophic that could have been honest man like it's simply it's simply a direction of change in wind that makes the water from this ocean not be up to the second floor of these studios because and it's beautiful outside it is after after everyone scared the holy hell out of us telling us that this storm was nearby and headed our way if that had hit here I know you might think of the Bahamas as you know not having the infrastructure it doesn't have the infrastructure to withstand that I'm telling you Miami doesn't either this area.

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