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You know you just gotta do it too much in the blessing much your mental state i think it can be damaging the old crack pipe or wheat grass shot area. Comedy is definitely a crack pipe on from it is awful and when you bomb it shows. That's just like i would just like sit at home crying days. Everybody hates me. Yeah i know that one anyway. This has been a blast. Yeah we should probably stop because we've gone to long okay so talk a little bit more about whatever you want to talk about a mile one creative say that so it's mile one creative dot com. Right yeah so. It's my graphic design business. I i do websites. I do graphic design. Branding logos things like that. I do marketing so social media ads newsletter management. I do copywriting. Do so once. I know that. Yeah i mean. That's what i've tried to kind of make myself. I also have people who work with me and do like google ad management. Things like that. So i'm really good option for people who i always say. I can build the fake gucci bag of websites. Like can't build you a ten thousand dollar website but i can build you a website that could probably pass for a ten thousand dollar website. Yes age beautiful and you wanna talk about any of the podcast. Settle or comedians for hire. Or yeah i mean with comedian fire. We're kind of taken a hiatus right now. Did and life got crazy but it is. It's really fun podcast. And it is anyone out there who just checked. It's funny and i call. Host is what does that i'm like. I just sit there and laugh at her jokes she is. She's an amazing co-host super funny. She's lots of energy a lot of fun so go check that out. If you if you want want some laughs and podcast is health one is that yes called each your feeling each feeling we basically we just kind of get real about health so we you know my sister offers advice to me and then i rejected back in the whole whole spiel possibly try it and realize oh she was actually right all along and yeah well. That's great. yeah perfect. This has been awesome. Thank you come. Be my co-host any day. This has been a lot of fun all right. So let's say goodbye. I will talk to you soon. Have a good one. Thanks for taking the time to ride along with us. Another episode of revere for podcast info in show notes. Be sure to head over to levy veer dot com. That's triple double e. r. dot com. Man that's fun to say and we'll catch up with you next time here on room.

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