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We daniel. Three cini recharged tango. She liked that angle. Yeah and that was a reaction. That was a friend. Filippo from beaten. Podcast with that being when i relate well one of our pilgrimages yesterday when we stop to rock up the the famous spot where cost onto jira dingo. Curtailed ended his nineteen twenty one year. So i reach out bango and he saw the picture of you with your arms in the sign of a cross. What was the question. Where are we. We are in a ceesay and we are pretty much in the shadow literally in the shadow of the famous. The very very famous basilica decent francesco. The some francis of assisi's silica Which was built in the thirteenth century. Rich hailed we're looking at it. Used to be the hill of hell because criminals in sec. Were put to death there. And when sin francis was what was canonized the decided to make a hail of the college and perez on the hill paradise instead and they started building. This incredible zenica took a little bit more about later. Let's an incredible spot. We have here in our hotel for the rest day tomorrow. Tonight's here as you say just m just beneath the old town of assisi will be wondering into their little bit later and we're an embryo and it's a very very typical umbrian. Seen isn't it very bright and sunny evening. The hills can hazy in the distance. Perrugia just over there. You and i both spent time improve in the distant past a cc from georgia very visible and yet here. We are just beneath it and it doesn't seem not high and you know there are there are all these planes here. But we remarked. Today i mean owned is probably my favorite italian regions of the green hall of italy doesn't have any head host epson. It was kind of well. Lee market then became the hips tuscan. They previously the hipsters. Tuscany i. it doesn't have a coastline and Pity fond of the sea. So it suits me Extremely green but the the amazing about is the concentration of unbelievably beautiful towns just to name a few of them. Today we went through spoleto. Split i am. I was exchanging messages. Today with marco pino friend of the cost who the heck the pink jersey at spoleto in two thousand and. Seven is very famous aqueduct. There as he went past us and marco picture of the aqueduct. I think he was touched. And someone had remembered And as well spillover was just stunning when we left out a little binding. Yes when we left for tonight and an curvy earlier in the day. Nothing to do with the fire teen rome. They used the so-called for different reasons. And but he kind of looks like depending on where you spent your childhood. I look like a walnut whip. Remember those richard or And not on chino A rice borsa civilian of conical rice. either simony amazing towns here even the smaller ones vine ya monte foul and as you say we went through yes we went through and we started in la jolla and either delicious cappuccino at twelve minutes past. Twelve or their bias. This captioning i actually had a. Cue daniel for that cappuccino use exemption. An so. I was okay. I wasn't arrested. Will you tried to get into trouble and beautiful town states. Not in embraer. Sage started there before descending and it was a stage to fully new short stage of the race hundred and thirty eight kilometers. I think today and it was a sprinter stage. Bought not without its challenges. There were some there. Some lumpy claims and we drove. The course am i claim looked on the proof out to be the toughest. It didn't seem not bad at the breakout. She went away. Before the climbing contained simone pillow of course of andrew nature kathy bloomberg to morongo of danny some yearly a review of halo. I'm getting better resi davis. They've been in a few breaks. All of these shops have an taco vendor horn. Who want to stage a week ago. Unter marshy and and. How do you pronounce it rich. Well neither of us particularly on point when it comes to flemish pronunciation. So i've talked good friend hugo quarter rates from hat news. Blood richie. we are speaking about guba. Horsens will you spoke to. Kobe could could be personal. We're going to the smart every piece of either nominative center. What you call it serendipity. I think i'm so not break went clear. They were never given too much of an advantage and a level crossing went down am cost them almost a minute and that was unfortunate and we weren't sure what what was done in those sacrifices daniel. Apparently if the bunched behind this stop they have to be stopped at the same time but occasionally A level crossing is just considered almost like an active If if if right is of course or something then the race behind the stock to allow an advantage maintained. Yeah that was unfortunate for them so they were maybe caught a little bit earlier than they would have been but they would have been called enemy because into the final fifty kilometers of stage. four hands. Who are really. Put the hammer down the couple of clientele they extract a final couple of climbs. after rieti. i'm one of them uncategorized. But dora has really made their presence. Felt the front there and you know as soon as they start and it was impressed to see the lights of emmanuel men their their lead are their nominal leader contributing to the which was all for pizza gone. Of course when when. I see bora do this. I'm i'm always on my mind. Always goes back to the two thousand thirteen to france on second was running for liquid gas at the time and they did exactly. The same thing was a a state to be on the climb in the middle of the stage. And they really you know they they run the neck of all sprinters only other sprinters and siam won convincingly than the sprint and it's been recycling subsequently moved teams and he's been born for her few years now but they've made a bit of a or a specialty of this they have 'em hasn't always worked. I mean it didn't work week ago. The taco van der hormone. It didn't work the took france last year as well. Psa gone one stage ten of the last year and he..

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