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Gavin Newsom we began a process of establishing more formally what it would look like and how we can begin the process of the kind of incremental a release of the state on orders using science to guide our decision making and not political pressure six east coast states created a similar alliance earlier today the chief scientist of the United Nations Sir Patrick valance says the world may be nearing the peak of the pandemic I think this week's difficult I think this week we're going to see a further increase their off the we should see a plant so as the effects of the social distancing come through treasury and the IRS say eighty million Americans will get a relief payment deposit in their accounts Wednesday some were sent over the weekend hi Mike moss Bernie Sanders is endorsing Joe Biden more from correspondent Linda Kenya it was a virtual endorsement done via a joint online appearance but the sentiment was very real I am asking all Americans I'm asking every Democrat I'm asking every independent I'm asking a lot of Republicans to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy I endorse the endorsement comes less than a week after senator Sanders suspended his own White House campaign business correspondent Julia Chatterley has an update on the small business relief program what hair just one percent of all the cash promised is now in the hands of small and medium size businesses and it's the same situation ongoing it's far more easy to get the money promised by the banks and it is to get approval from the small business administration that remains the choke point here on Wall Street the Dow was down three twenty eight more than one percent S. and P. down one percent as well hi Mike.

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