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I am a member is it AMAC DOT. US AMAC DOT US so this is the the Democratic candidates Biden twenty nine percent down two points since August so Biden Skate and through the debates even though he's not making much sense Bernie Sanders Zander's up eight points in the foxhole since August every other polls got burning down Elizabeth Warren down four since August against every other poets Got Elizabeth Warren Up. I mean if you believe the far left press. Elizabeth Warren got it locked. She's got a hominid lock and the rest of them. Don't even matter okay so Biden's ahead well ahead sanders is up big warns down for which is substantial in a month parks and talking about Bernie Sanders. You gotTa Love Him Right. Don't you love him. Come on I mean put aside the politics instance. He is so funny to me. I would build a sitcom around him if he drops out. I'm going to promote a sitcom with Bernie Sanders Bernie. That's IT Bernie Kinda like all in the family. There's a now Bernie's latest. He's going to guarantee every American regardless of income fundamental right to a safe decent accessible and affordable home paid for by another wealth tax two point five trillion Bernie's going to put this. Everybody gets a safe accessible affordable nice home everybody. Oy All right. I mean I'm GonNa take a.

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