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Mental wrapping right around the patriots experience. They're gonna live or die with what I I'm going to be very disappointed. My point is the excitement building up to this game thinking about the the matchup of just like it's not gonna last forever. It's ending soon. The fact that they're even back in this game said this for four years. It's true. I mean is that you are as a patriots fan, and I know bus Donis joy the moment. But it's like like being a Yankee fan. What happens is a dynasty roles on the winning doesn't feel good is losing her. It's it's an old Parcells. That's why he's got out of the game. He got to the point where the losing stuck with him longer than the winds that when you're in a dynasty that. You're just like no longer to get that same thrill when you wind, but the losses kill you. So it doesn't matter where. I feel like your head is at it's going to be stinging pain. If you go down before the Super Bowl because that's just the way. No doubt fans are harbor honestly being on the road against the best team in the league in this team. Specifically makes it feel different. Because there's no shame in that. And then what they did last week was was pretty exciting. And nobody believes and I do I do mean it though like they the first time they wrote off the is the pages dynasty over was nine since. Then they've been the more conference championships than twenty four franchises have combined having their entire history. Like in the second half of Brady's career. So if you can't like enjoy like, hey, this is a big game. Like, this is what being fans about giving break your approaching forty tug sell a fifteen year old patriots fan just has grown up in this. And this is how life is suddenly being twenty-five. It'd be a psychic break to suddenly not be the greatest thing in football, maybe fits needs the psychic brick. Well, no, they definitely do. And they're not going to sit here. And be like, oh, I have the. I have the perspective to potential race to go play. Go play a nice game outdoors its potential for one of the signature Brady wins course, who are you picking Greg for the how many weeks have we done this podcast for that many straight weeks? I'm picking the patriots. Didn't you once not pick the patriot against us? I've never I've never picked against them on this podcast. Ricky sure, you don't wanna get them. I don't want to put a bit of a lock or anything. But the the pats are gonna take it. I think really refusing to lock up the pats at one of the reasons I feel better about cosmic bad sign. We'll talk about that Sunday night if no because plan believes in the more than you. It's not that. That if believed any of that he is so excited about this team going down on the air Lino, everybody thinks we suck bet against us and believes all right? He's an acolyte next time. You hear from us. We'll know the results of these games. And how exciting is that Ricky's? So this. Yes. Oh, no, oh, Ricky Hollywood's gonna be in the garage throwback podcast appearance. Oh, yeah. We won't say what we're taping. We want to keep that a secret but super excited one of your favorite artist of all time. Gotta be JT Cheb Awada the goat. You said the goat. We're talking about the goat in the garage. I'll be fun. All right. Jumble. Wamba who is now. Okay. This is Dan had the signing off for quite store the mailman he'll zoo, sir. The old boss. Rickie house behind the black till Sunday.

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