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I rather have a fully rested rope a every other game than making play every game. Honestly with the way that he's been don't have fox and dixon we won't have a full have seventy men did fox are not go tonight. I thought he played tonight. Did he know know fox and no dickinson. So get this. That's that's four centers for the stars four centers that are that are hurt right now. So that's tyler tyler. Sagan's been out this entire season He's our number one center. Our number two in a row. A hands is in and now the lineup. This entire season so far in the game and he wasn't today but we really had to have him today. and then jason dickinson. Who has are are i would say. He's our fourth line. Center is out. And he was playing a up on the first line with prevail ski in travelsky and robertson and then freaking roddick fox is now out too so it in sinners we don't have any centers daime. Ben was playing center. Tonight he has a senator like that he hasn't been forced to play center in tyler's egg. Yeah since so the in you. I'm going to rehash something. That elliott friedman said in the thirty one Thoughts podcasts the other day that he does for sports net up in canada It really sucks to lose games like this if you're a stars fan but look at the team look at the team and who's on the team right now. Look at who is out. Look at who has hurt. And the fact that the stars team is five hundred ya. Nhl five hundred. We've lost ten overtime losses but the fact that this team is nhl. Five hundred is absolutely incredible and eliot freed. Men was singing the praises of the dallas stars and he was very impressed with the fact that you know with ahl depth players now ahl top players age of depth players that are coming into this lineup and doing the best that they can against these clubs. Like these I mean this is a juggernaut team. This is a different team. The the the carolina hurricanes are juggernaut team. They're the only place where i would say..

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