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They've been inspired by they hold them tear. And when they come to the tough roads in life because of that level of intimacy they know how to act they don't have to stop. I don't carry the one. No, the math is inside them that is so important to get intimate with both scripture and reason on a level that can deal with this like eleventh hour stage of a crisis in. Cher- otherwise, we will not prepared. When our moment comes. We think. Great conversation. Always love hearing from from David Limbaugh and along those lines. That's why in Todd quotes often. But that's why John Adams said our constitution was devised for a moral and religious people, and it's wholly inadequate for any other form of people. If there if there was a way to devise a secular government from a secular basis that had the amount of prosperity that our country has in the short relatively short amount of time that we've been around don't you think we would have seen that by this time in world history. It's because that it's because the basis of our founding is in these principles not just out of not just out of the philosophers. But because the philosophers who who brought to light practical five shouldn't say, practical broader principles as far as government goes. They're basis is in scripture, and we talked about this all the time. While you bring up this. You know, the scripture itself is not adequate for figuring out what the speed limit should be. But that's in the grand scheme of things. Those things are not important. It is the roadmap every significant framework of how to live with each other on this planet, and the sooner we get back to understanding that the better awful, more theology. Thursday coming up here next..

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