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Parts of seven terms in the house who went up being 12 years in the Senate. Served in both George H. W. Bush's administration and George W. Bush's administration. And so You know, he's saying he's leaving because of the partisan gridlock, and that's unfortunate to hear because Washington needs more. Rob Portman's and and I'm talking about from from a standpoint of focused on policy focused on civility focused on working across the aisle again, and that's their folks on the other side who want to do that? They get drowned out by all the noise. In the far left from the far right. Anyway. I want to say congratulations to Senator Rob Portman on on a great career starts two more years, so Go toe to go. The news news radio $700 Ow! News, traffic and Weather News Radio 700. W L JEALOUSY Cincinnati A quick bombing by a couple of inches of snow, This is the 10 o'clock report. Hi. Matt Reese breaking now. Burst of two inches of snow in the tri state tonight made for a hazardous drive all over town. Oh, dot says they have About 230 crews out clearing the roads throughout southwest Ohio tonight. They will continue to be out around the clock until the roads are clear. Cincinnati police putting an affect the emergency Auto accident reporting procedure. If you're involved in a non injury wreck, just exchange the info of the other drivers and report the accident at one of the Cincinnati police.

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