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People but you do go over the fact that they have found out that corner page bowl manford roger stone how blow read to have all been in contact with rusher over the last year or so why is that dito i don't know i am very i hear the one single me open record gurley with paul manak order petr very it's just about his connection to roster he ukrainian when kerr russian clark's and his overall background i've written on him as well but again all of you dear cutaway questions and i think it's clearly appropriate for the fb_i and be out unit to investigate all that find out exactly if the people who are part of the trump campaign various points played a role in this it's information camp it well that's the hacking and the interference on the roster that's really serious issue you can leave it out in trips to draft so institute sort of weapon i took a little weighty it hurts that investigation i believe but more importantly except the really dangerous precedent the one thing we know national security investigation it off time what we think we know we don't end up knowing they're complicated member people thought streater with the with the source of the week barry playing tight kennedy back in the w administrator turned out up with another guy named richard are meticulous call empower deputy the so though there i think we win jordan mickey to gary pouring question would talking now with you la gloat the big.

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