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Because for the most part, I would say in hockey, if not every other sport, usually there's one parent who's played the sport and sometimes the other parent isn't really familiar. Not often, I think, are there a husband and a wife who both played and are very familiar with hockey when their kids start playing. So my wife, you know, she does it. Nobody in her family played hockey, uncle's brother, no, she knew nothing. She didn't know anything about hockey and obviously I've gotten rider involved and he really enjoys it. So as he started doing learn to skate, probably like three months ago, he's loves it. And now he's got the hockey equipment every day. He's just rollerblading and wearing hockey gear. And as we were leaving Boston, just as he started with the, he went down to this Boston advantage kind of learned to play hockey. It's a step up from learn to skate. We just start just having the stick in your hands and see loved it. He did one. And I'm like, oh, no, we're going to Florida. He's not going to be able to skate for a while, right? Shit, so I talked to Keith yandle put me in touch with this woman coach Janine, she's great. I'm texting with her. She said, oh, you can come Saturday and I have this learn to play hockey thing. The kids are a little older, but it's fine. If he could skate and stuff, he can just come be a part of it and it's an hour on a Saturday, say, oh, great. So we get down here Thursday, and I have his gear with me and so Saturday I'm like, buddy, we're going to play hockey at noon. He's like so fired up. This kid is so pumped up to go put the gear on. So he drives like 25 minutes Pompano Beach and we get up there. Rink, like, yeah, not a great ring. I mean, there's not a lot of rinks around here, but we're getting dressed in the, just like the lobby of the rink. Now, as we're getting dressed, I see in the rink, there's a game going on. It was somebody I heard overheard somebody say it was like under 14, 14 hours, like the Florida fury was one of the teams. I don't know who they were playing. So I'm just like, oh, that's kind of like a decent amount of people there, right? You could tell it was a somewhat competitive game with older age kids. And so we're getting dressed. We're getting dressed. In the middle of getting him dressed, the game had ended and this kid comes off the ice and there's parents, there's parents of the opposing team standing together. I don't know if one of the parents said something to this kid or the kid for no reason, said this, but all of a sudden I hear suck my dick, the kid says to a group of parents, I'm like, what the hell is a dad? Who's talking to us like that? I was like, oh my God. Do I really want to get him involved in hockey right now? Like, oh my God. But mind you. It's no worries. So I get all this gear on. Also, I'm such a joke. I forgot a Jersey. So they don't sell jerseys in this place. And he's like, I can take you to the lost and found. So I'm rubbing through the lost and found in a rink at Pompano Beach. I find him a Jersey that would be big on me. I had to tuck it into his pants and roll up the sleeves. I am such a loser. Luckily, nobody there as a clue like chick lits or like anything. So as I'm putting the skates on last thing, I look, I'm like, there's what the hell there's no edges on his wheels, like no edge at all, like the skates are just a complete mess. Like, I'm talking not rubbing your hand on the blade, you know, and you get one Nick. I gotta get that fixed. You know, it was just straight up butter knife. Yeah, exactly awful. So I said rider, buddy. I don't know if you're gonna be able to skate. He's like, what? I'm like, your skates, they're messed up. They're broken. 'cause I know how to describe it to him. He's like, what? I go, just try, but I'm talking both edges. There was no edge on either skate. And he gets on the ice, boom, falls, tries to stand up, boom, false. He can't even move out there. There's nothing to dig into that ice. I said, oh my God, I said buddy, I'm so sorry. I gotta drag them off the ice after I just put all the gear on. Now mind you, he is having a meltdown. I want to play hockey. I know you do. I'm so sorry. I felt so bad. It felt like the worst person in the world. I'm like, I'm sorry, buddy. We can go play mini golf, I think. I ended up taking with this action extreme indoor like arcade go kart. I had to go through a metal detector to get into the place. Where the fuck are we right now? Bottom of Benz. Yeah, I'm carrying them around. I'm making them wash his hands in between like the bowling game we're doing. So I get home. Finally, I said, honey, what? What the fuck happened to writer skates? She's like, what do you mean? And I'm like, there's no edges on his skates. So last time I told him to learn to skate, I got the skate sharpener. What happened? She said, oh, now this brings it all back to the they don't understand the hockey father's end mothers. She goes, oh, well, when you were in Vegas, we had that crazy ice storm and the driveway was pretty much all.

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