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To talk TV clear eyes full hearts three words for you three yeah the one well today let's talk about the first self made female millionaire in America her name was Madame CJ Walker she was not only a woman she was black born to former slaves she made a fortune in the early part of the twentieth century making hair care products for black women now her story is being told in a limited Netflix series called self made inspired by the life of madam CJ Walker it stars Octavia Spencer home products shampoo a prison or maybe something dander I'm gonna make it easier calamity could capture such a thing as going too fast that's why we have to be smart about it do things professionally in order the series is based on the book called on her own ground the life and times of madam CJ Walker written by her great great granddaughter Lelia bundles who joins me now welcome thank you very much glad to be here glad to have you well she died in nineteen nineteen raid a century ago ash just a year before women got the right to vote I'm and so it's taken all this time for her story to make it on TV well it's a long journey a hundred a hundred and one years after she died and fifty years after I wrote my first report about her in high school my gosh we are we are now a Netflix series so that's pretty exciting it's very exciting and I'll tell you it's exciting because more people millions of people actually who never heard madam Walker's name will know her name and I of course hope that they will be excited and inspired by this series and that they will see the dramatic Hollywood version and that will lead them back to some of our non fiction sources like on her own ground and some of the other national historic landmarks and databases and other things that tell the factual story of her life okay well she was born Sarah Breedlove in eighteen sixty seven in Louisiana grew up extremely poor had a very tough upbringing here's how Octavia Spencer explains it in the show it came.

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