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Thirty eight and coming off a series achilles injury. Andre james is the projected starting center here but a hundred and sixteen snaps as a rookie in two thousand nineteen graded out the worst center in the league. He was two times worst in the second worst. Qualifying senators played one. Snap last season even if you look at his preseason work. He hasn't graded out a plus center against second and third stringers. Now i do think there could be hope for and pass protection. But i'm not comfortable on j james as my starting center denzel. Good is now the starting right guard. He's been reliable backup for years but he finally saw an expanded role last year. Almost a thousand snaps motions career. He's below average in both run in pass. Blocking colton. miller is solid. He's definitely improving his coming off as best season. But you know. His best season is the thirty six best tackle in the league last year. The raiders clearly reached on alex. Leatherwood what i do think especially in run blocking maybe rejuvenates. The raiders outside zone runs. But there's they're serious question. Marks here and the raiders project to face a top five schedule pass rushing defensive lines. Nobody truly knows what's going on. With the receiving core past darren waller and hunter renfro. What are you getting outside with brian. Words and henry rocks. And you follow this team closer than i do. Because they're in your backyard todd but for two years. All the hype in camp in practice has been brian. Edwards highlight type catches comparisons to moss. And terrell owens. Let's see translates when the lights are on. I mean he played in eleven games. Last year only had eleven catches we know henry. Rugs has an elite trait. The speed is undeniable. Kenny actually turn into a real receiver in year. Two of the full offseason. It's extremely difficult. I was looking at these numbers this morning to have a seventeen point three yard aid dot but only register one point three yards per outrun. It's it's lots of wind. Sprints and aimless running going on there from henry rug so far and so what we saw last year gruden basically went out and signed john brown as well and it's his insurance policy. Frogs can't do it. John brown basically becomes this year's nelson aguilar gruden's mind play calling in the red zone is an area that needs to improve when space shrunk gruden. Hasn't really done nearly the the same work that he was able to do. Between the twenty s. That's the one area. Where xs and os gruden's struggled a little bit raiders. Were the only top ten offense overall to finish bottom ten in the red zone. And we project the raiders to face a top three schedule of red zone. Defenses this season and it really doesn't stop there. Tie the raiders. Offense projects the phases schedule defense's top ten and overall efficiency passing defense. Pass rush defense and third down defense this year. Well i mean it's a good thing pain when you talk about the raiders. And what they did it off this off season completely retooled offensive line as you mentioned trading three extremely valuable pieces spending five and a half million dollars a year on a backup running back although everyone may or may not love the drake at this point knowing josh jacobs's trend it down. You mentioned john brown. You bring in willie snead just as though this team you know wants to try and go after certain pieces that may not fit into the greater overall agenda of what they want to accomplish. One player that. I don't think we touch and if we did. I apologize because i overlooked at their best player on the offense. Darren waller joined an elite class. A tight ends with one hundred catches and over eleven hundred yards one hundred seven catches last year third. Most in a season and nfl tight hissed at nfl. History amongst tight ends clearly. This offense has not been the issue pain because they have a defense. That's downright pathetic ranking thirtieth in the league last year in points per game allowed. And i was blown away. That the raiders have ranked in the bottom half and scoring defenses over the last eighteen seasons. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut from time to time and crack into the top fifteen. But that hasn't been the case. For the raiders. Gus bradley comes in and replace paul gunter. Who was fired week. Fourteen last year. The raiders gave a franchise worst four hundred seventy eight points last season. They allow thirty plus points in ten out of sixteen games dubious distinction that tied them with the detroit. Lions macro max crosby. That's been one of the fines that this team can hang. Its hat on defensively. But you mentioned draft capital. Jonathan abram graded out is one of the league's worst safeties damon net towards the bottom of the barrel as far as defensive backs are concerned cleland. Feral don't get me started there. But you do bring in a number of guys yawning gakugei. Hopefully he can help to passers. Casey hayward might have been one of the more unheralded off season signings at two and a half million dollars a year. A guy that. I think both of us high on for what we'd seen in for all the criticism about alex leatherwood being reached the first round. Maybe the raiders were able to write to ship a little bit taking trevon out. Tcu in the second round with some good roi. Potentially there but raiders defensively pain. They're not even going to be average. Can they get inside the top twenty five. This season for points per game point a blind squirrel. Finding a nut is a very good analogy for what transpired this weekend. By the way we can get into that at the end and then you can take your shot's no no it's fine. No hey defense for the rangers. This is our running running. I'm gonna let you take your shot at the end so you're gonna lose your opportunity but you can take the shots at the end. If you're if you so choose that was it. It was an inside joke that no one needed to know by. May i may share that info with sharon. Today you're sharing today. Sharing is caring. Twenty twenty one. So gus bradley. You know reunites with gruden. They spent the last few years of green stint and tampa together. I believe gus was the linebackers coach towards the end. There in two thousand six seven and eight before gruden got shit canned. You're looking at gus bradley's history here and to me it's not great. He was obviously credited. With devising the the cover three defense that seattle used all those years. And i think we've hit on that and how it doesn't really work unless you have an elite secondary that multiple and when you have the legion of boom great bought that talent level isn't commonplace for ninety nine point nine. Nine percent of secondaries both past and present and seattle didn't actually win a super bowl until after gus bradley left and then we saw bradley. Get hired in jacksonville. As the head coach he was there for four years from two thousand thirteen to two thousand. Sixteen his defenses finished. Thirtieth twenty-first twenty fifth and fifteenth and efficiency..

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