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True. Dana lash. First of all, I've said many times, I certainly feel bad for the plight of these people, but they're not asylum. Th they're not true asylum-seeker. They don't qualify under existing law to claim asylum for the they're carrying size. I want a job that doesn't qualify for silence. I certainly understand the plight. These people I can certainly understand them want to be a part of this country. But as a legal way to do it, and they're not in that follow legal process. Thomas home and says, yeah, you know, you you just simply want a job does not mean that you're going to qualify for asylum. I can't believe we have to be so blatant about just how is true. It's just it's it's crazy. Crazy crazy. Anyway, he's right. Do you? Remember though, by the way, when well, and we're going to get to some of this because we have congressman Louie Gohmert coming up all the different members of the administration when they said, no, no, no caravans on an invasion. This is an this is not ever going to happen. We're going to get at all of that as well. And a lot more. Let's kick it into some quick five. And now all of the news. You would probably miss it's time for data's quick five. All right. So I up some analysts on CNN says eating hamburgers for lunch will kill you. Free beacon CNN counter terrorism analyst, Phil Mudd. He was talking about climate change and said that eating Ambert hamburgers will kill Americans. He says, quote, tens of Americans will wake up today and eat hamburgers for lunch. That's going to kill them. What? And he says climate change is a national security issue, except didn't they just actually we just find something else where they were wrong about a bunch of temperatures. It's cyclical..

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