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Thanks for hanging out with us so we have doctor EEG cap with us who is a pediatrician a pediatric has that ever held Fairview high doctor Jake up thanks for making the time for us today how great to be with you in thanks read me out yes well we started initiative today to help the health care workers and we have started a way for people to donate directly to Alaina health and M. health fair view and you can just go to the my tack website because you guys on the front line are really doing stuff that matters and we're here trying to support it yeah I know thank you guys for your support it's it just means a lot I think as I like to say and I've known for my entire career in health care you know I get to work with heroes every day and the one of the silver lining of the pandemic is that I think it's really highlighted how critical our health care teams are to keeping our patients and really our society safe and free from harm so I think the pandemic is really highlighted how her Rolex admitted he immerses in restaurants and bars send an application and in the battle and you know worries over increasing you know money free for you guys like emergency care giver findet guesses where our money would be going to what is what is that what is that going to do what what where does that money go yeah that's a great question so the idea is that you know what we set up our cheat but again many of our most of our chiefs have volunteered to go to take on the care of our cobit patients they sell out and they do their work day after day week after week and they really are trying to limit their exposure cure their own family members how are you the motion the provided hotel through the buffet apple bacon I'll be sequestered if you well sure and they they don't get out of that the home cooked meal if you well it's great a lot of our partner community are restaurants that are really donated a lot of food because they they want to contribute to the effort away no they know how to cook and they know how to cook really well they've they've been contributing deal which is a great effect of crap Lister apology they have a a warm greeting L. delivered and so I think that the character but Murty Kerr give a fund with support if you support that effort but not only would it help to support our restaurants but it would deliver the the those great deals that correctly to our care givers who are acting or call the population yeah and I imagine a lot of people are I mean I I know a couple of people who are nurses and they are trying not to be at home yeah I know I think it's a real issue right I know Mike colleagues have you know this about the either expecting yeah it's at home and I think the worst nightmare that because of their work they would get their own you know family members actually decided to stay away and make sure they protect them while there you know caring for patients and I hope that is it like at at the hospitals it very from hospital to hospital in the in the state of Minnesota just depending yeah I think it depends you know we are low on health we'll be we've I have built the first kind of cold in hospital if it does help that place is really amazing out there visiting this weekend to see how the teams are doing and yeah but where justice is so inspiring we can't go there and talk to the nurses and providers and their level of commitment and passion around with work and you know they they really feel like they are and then you know they're doing these patients remarkable service administration fire while we hear about certainly the patient that passed away but we don't hear about all cases that get this charge zero returning you know factor function I think you saw the Star Tribune article yesterday about our first call the patient a young guy who was the last one really you know you know we got him back but he's gotten through that it's a really remarkable story and again it took a whole team to get him through those weeks of both treatment and recovery yeah I mean this is not like the flu this is not just you know I if you or someone who you get sick and you're not a symptomatic I mean you were really sick the way this virus attacks your body that's not a that's not a big thing no we are we're still understanding who seems to be more vulnerable if buyers we certainly know certain population elderly California couple but there is also a group of generally what we consider healthy individuals who get really fact now that I think more unusual but it's pretty.

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