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That was David Latte founding editor of above the law illegal news website and a managing director in the new. York. Office of lateral link, a nationwide legal recruiting firm, and we wanna hear your experiences about living with and recovering from covid nineteen. How're you doing weeks or months after contracting the virus eight, seven, seven, eight my take is our Colin Line and you can tweet US also I'm at Tenzin Vega and the show is at the takeaway. I'm Tansy Vega and you're listening to the takeaway. This week marked the start of black August a month long observance of black resistance that's been around since the nineteen seventies this year following weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality, systemic racism, black August is finding renewed popularity. It's a time of reaffirmation rededication to the Movement for Black Liberation with a special emphasis on political prisoners and prisoners of war. My name is Sunday to cater to charge your m. a associate professor at the University of Illinois in the Departments of African American Studies in. History. According to soon, Diatta historically, there have been certain rituals associated with black. August and that includes things like physical exercise and fasting. It's a moment where people do fast from Sunup to sundown its time, which there is intense study particularly in the fields of black history and revolutionary and writings with a special emphasis on the work of George Jackson. Jackson was a revolutionary author Field Marshall of the black. Panther Party and also the CO founder of the black guerrilla family a political group in California prisons. At the time Jackson spent more than a decade at San Quentin State prison on charges of armed robbery until his death in August nineteen seventy-one Jackson and other politicized prisoners found themselves constantly at odds with guards in the guards which supply members of white supremacist groups with weapons such as knives to attack and kill a highly political prisoners in one such incident there's a struggle on the yard and Aaron Brothers attacking people. George Jackson makes a decision to use it as an effort to try and escape. And in the midst of that, he shot and killed in the prison Yar Jackson Dan is He's he you know he's a martyr for the movement, the Black Panther Party EP Newton, eulogize Jackson, and black guerrilla family. In the wake of having lost Jackson and his younger brother Jonathan a year before she was security. For Angela Davis, they make a decision to memorialize Jackson and his teachings in that's birth of black blackhawks cindy many Americans have heard of black history month but very few including myself as I mentioned had not. Heard about the tradition of black August why do you think that is? One I think it's because it's recent. Ready. Begins in the early Seventies Nineteen, seventy one after the assassination of George Jackson. To. It comes out of penal system specifically in California and it doesn't really begin to. Hit the broader population of people outside of prison until nine, hundred, seventy, nine, or so. And unless one. Had A connection to a black liberation. Organization that was concerned about political prisoners and prisoners of war is likely that one wouldn't have heard about it until we get to the late nineties. Early, two thousand s when Demarco Mex- grassroots movement. Came up with a project is buyer by Sasha core. To US hip hop as a way of publicising. The plight of African, American. Political Prisoners beginning in nineteen, ninety eight there was a concert of Malcolm x grassroots took a series of artists common Dave Banner. Yes. In Bay, the former most deaf black star artists like that took them to Cuba and subsequently Dan began to take these orders around the world South Africa Tanzania Brazil INS Walea, and of course, concerts in United States. So that gave Black August and bit of publicity. Blake August is similar to Kwanza, not just inform, but also ineffective quasi was a celebration that was only in the black community for several decades. And then it began to slowly spread into much broader segment of the black community and into mainstream America and we see Black August as beginning to move in that same direction Cindy Outta the month of August is also full of other major moments in the history of black resistance. It's not just about the death of George Jackson and others at Saint Quentin but it's also a month where many black revolutionaries were born right either they were born or most important activities occurred in the month of August. So if we think really big pitcher The major event that associates August with black resistance, and that's why we referred to it as black August resistance month would be the Haitian revolution of seventeen ninety. One that outbreak begins in August also Gabriel prosser his conspiracy of eighteen hundred. The area Richmond Virginia that also begins in August as does net Turner's eighteen, thirty, one rebellion and a rebellion in new in eighteen, forty three. But it is also the month in which the NAG wbz boys and William Monroe Trotter form the Niagara Movement is also the month in which Marcus Garvey he was born in. August. But more importantly, he created the Universal, Negro? Improvement Association also month of August so August is replete with billions slave revolts and formation of organizations that sought to liberate black people either US and or worldwide. Are we seeing this black August. More in recent years given particularly the racial justice uprising that we're seeing around the country after the death of George Floyd. Guess precisely, what we're seeing I think that it's because. Of the emphasis over the last six years since death of Michael Brown is emphasis on the injustice of the criminal justice system. This emphasis on police use of excessive and deadly force has also raised the question around black political prisoners, and so one of.

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