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When i hear the term programmer's brain that that makes me think that is that is that an affliction is that something that needs to be addressed by medical professional. Or what is the programmer's brain. Oh sorry you seem to have a case the programmer's brain do any and his word of the book tries to explain what happens in your brain when you program to most programmers horse a really deep understanding of programs deep understanding of computer but most computer science programs including one where i teach. They don't really for stuff related to cook missions. Just that that comes. A scientist would consider basic things like the difference between long-term ariane short term memory and working memory. That's not something you necessarily learn as a programmer. I maybe some people are like you know you don't really need to know this. But once you start thinking especially of reading code and incorporating understanding code that you haven't written then is sort of important to understand. The difference between this code is hard because my term memories week here and this code is hard because my short memory suffering here and the book tries to explain the basics of science. And how that matter for reading code so i read <hes>. The first two and a half chapters recently and <hes>. One of the things. That i found interesting was how easily you made me stop and go down a rabbit hole on the internet and look up how to do something. You chose to give some examples at least in the first couple of chapters in three different programming languages and while i am familiar with several programming languages i had never actually seen the ap l. programming language. And so that. I coating example that you given that i was like <hes>. What and i had. I had to stop and you know later on in in the second chapter. I believe it is <hes>. You actually have an exercise for the reader to go and do something with that language. But in the first chapter when i first saw it i i had to stop. I had to go on the internet. I found a website that would actually run the code iran. The co at played with the code. I changed things. I literally couldn't move forward in the book. Until i had to figure it out what that code did and i don't know if you intended that but that was the side effect that i experienced was that part of what you might have been going for or is am. I just weird. No so it wasn't like i meant to send you off. And i the reason that i fix a pl is because i wanted to have a language in which the keywords <unk>. Everyone would go like what. What the four ride. This and entry hard because the book isn't for owner for java for javascript is generic so if you want something that actual actually real code but also confusing to everyone. Then there's no you can pick from even something all like global or four tron that whereas with abo it's like super super confusing and it's confusing in an interesting way

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