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The morning sure so when they presents to clients like a little i dunno a proposal type thea and maybe even a bull of what's the thing under the power paul point or even up a chart or something photos in the phnom presentation disreputable now what will look like gin and her because you were the sale merson manager said every time we bring the photo to the client they always think that hugs jared the reward that they could confuse is either one or the other were they always think hugs jarrett and jared is hugs wiles away you look death basically saying jerry what you sound like right michael gerald in order yes i do that is the you know that's the worst thing anyone can say all right thought you were hug dear like every time they gonna which one is that hugs he pointed jerry mm is that jarrett and they point to her home this great the telomeres marburg as well from this outrage drew and jared brothers on the sales seam because he added that happens all the time i know my own brother is the israel he tries to be called around here now we're not doing that is on katies s list narrowed ellie big time well i guess we'll share our view the talent i can't i i couldn't believe what he said katie that's next whoa you go out benzi consumed zaman nabbing jeep increased muscle mass gaza drawn uprising luncheon any god he has good she it hit me hard gurria your that come mile the of the god they're out been dr drew you feel the same as well he noise the bimonthly gone free people or me for one hank whetstone me on a change in a way that used to be i just wanna have fired into your rowdy local given mci reliably when america's that the body girlsonly appoints garagorri 60s be girl ever when you buy title me no other women who have established thomas chip that count the me gaiety that as a people and the grovoni you can dance to me so don't johann jorma his ring that count the main saying addle unamir's this lack of thomas kit that down to me darrelle though when you do bryggerier hey good neighbourhood uup graham known as soon as.

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