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Nasdaq closed ninety seven points higher and the sp 500 gained thirty eight points daniel morris of bnp paribas asset management says this is a time for investors to move some money iran had opportunity given again who can't forget game last year taken color that profit and reallocating it and play coroner kennedy buber agreed to settle the trade secret theft lawsuit filed against the ride hailing company by waymo alphabets driverless car division waymo will get about two hundred forty five million dollars worth of guber stock the settlement came after days of testimony in san francisco trial crude oil futures fell to fifty nine twenty a barrel in new york jeff belanger bloomberg radio ever wonder why weddings is so expensive like breakfast was we were that china did you know that an economics professor uses broadway musicals to illustrate his lectures the bloomberg benchmark podcast is about all that and much more join hosts dan moss kate smith in scotland for a weekly jargonfree dive into the top stories that drives the global economy find it on the bloomberg terminal bloombergcom itunes soundcloud and whatever app you prefer to browse your favorite podcasts people make their living in the markets say they love it because there's always something new what do you say to people who say bitcoin is killing our verse four different is the idea is here or simply ground vive or fascinating is the market in china relieved that defining market that's why we love it to bloomberg markets with pimm fox and lisa abramowicz you've raised more than a quarter billion and venture capital weekday mornings at 1000 eastern on bloomberg radio.

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